Woman: School is Ignoring My Child's Doctors


POSTED: Friday, August 20, 2010 - 10:38pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 9:48pm

EL PASO - A woman says a local school district is ignoring her child's doctors, and refusing to accommodate his special needs.

She says she has continued to fight with the school district, and doesn't understand why they won't help her son.

We'll try to get answers from the school district, and you can see the story tonight on NewsChannel 9 at 5, 6 10!

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Most importantly, this parent needs to get EDUCATED. Simply bringing in letters from random doctors doesn't say much unless it is affecting him in the classroom. Children may behave very differently in the home environment than in the school setting. If the teacher doesn't see any of these behaviors then what does this tell you....parent wants social security $$.

What was the outcome. It is not just YISD , EPISD is the same . The end result is ' academic need'. That is the excuse used to not allow chilldren who need help to get it. The thing is the kids that are denied are the ones that parents work hard with and get them all the therapies and treatments ongoing. They are the parents who teach there kids how to try to cope to not disrupt the class. The focus instead by schools are the parents who don't get it and think the school owes it to them.

Compliant with the Law. Does the public know how the district really helps their special education children. Knowledge is power! The public needs to know about this. More importantly, I know I am not the only parent who has been undergoing the same battles. the public needs to know and this needs to stop~

Our children in EPISD who have needs want our children to go to Tippin so they can receive what Dr. Garcia's son get in accomadations.

I have had this go on for his whole kindergarten year! I wish the public to know that I was granted an Independent Evaluation at the district expense. However, these results were not given to me by the District they never went over them with me and guess what the tax payers paid for it! The District has been in non compliance with the Americans with Disablity Act as was publicized with the past election in which they requested tax payers for money specifically 13 million in order to be...

He is not a behavioral problem. It is the district does not say he has a disabilty. They dont know how to treat the behavior. But my son is a very good boy!

I am familiar with the Laws. I had an existing IEP from ARIZONA! I have sent my complaints to TEA and they substantiated my claim. Instead of the District helping my son, they refused to help him even more. I have tried to move him to another school but open enrollment is closed. Advocacy Inc has rejected me and say they only step in if the child is behind academically. The problem is my son is very intelligent. He is further along academically than the other students. ............

You say he has good behavior, "he's a good boy" and he is "further along academically" than his peers, then he is obviously functioning well in the classroom. The school (district) is meeting his academic needs, and whatever sensory issues he has, are not interfering with his academics or behavior in the educational setting.

Just another example of apathy demonstrated by members of this border community.

First and foremost, this mom needs to learn the Texas policy on IEP and ARD meetings and the appropriate procedures for enrolling her child for special needs services. It starts with a written request to the school district for a FULL evaluation of her child. They have 5 days to respond. If you are granted a full evaluation then they have 60 days to complete this. If not APPEAL! You are the best advocate for your child and it starts with knowledge. Read, research, and learn!

Why doesn't it not surprise me that YISD won't help this poor woman out. She seems so desperate to help her child but that's it. No one else wants to step up. But wait, if her child had athletic skills or had a high IQ, hey, they would probably jump to her rescue. It seems all the enthuism in any district now adays is focused at sports and if your child's scores on the TAKS test is going to benefit the district or not. Shame, shame.

it is very simple mam enroll your son in another school if no one accommodates your son then call the media.

Take it from a student that has already been there, today i'm a happy father of 1, also mam you need to put your part- you need to think for the future to benefit your son. so don't blame the school have done more then enough for your son.
it's challenging but believe me your son will thank you when he is independent & please don't make excuses show you love your son.

I had the same problem with EPISD with my 7 year old this past school year. There is an organization called Advocacy Inc. here in El Paso, they can help and guide you through this.

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