Woman Says Bank is Wrongfully Taking Her Home


POSTED: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 9:32pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 15, 2012 - 11:27am

Beatriz Huml bought her home in the 19-90' and says she paid her $900 mortgage every month.
But then she got a phone call from Citi Mortgage saying her account was delinquent. She proved she made payments and then realized the bank had been applying her payments to an account she never authorized. And now she would owe $2300 a month to catch up. For Huml, that would be impossible because she lost her job and was unemployed. The bank started returning her checks and sending eviction notices with a grace period and no opportunity to work out a payment plan.

The bank told Huml her lack of a job would not allow them to help her out.

"You don't have a job. You don't have a steady income and well I said that has not stopped me from making my payments," said Bea Huml.

So she went to the county clerk's office and found something strange. Many of the eviction notices in El Paso are signed by the same name Beverly Mitrisin.

"Had different signatures and I noticed that people were witnesses of signatures, the notary republic were from out of state so I don't know and so I don't know who this Beverly Mitricin is," said Huml.

And that signature could be putting Huml and her 95 year old mother on the street.

"The documents are fraudulent. The documents are illegal. Those documents are being used to foreclose on people to evict people and to take their houses,” said Richard Roman, Bea Huml's attorney.

Roman says its called robosigning, a mechanism the banks created, to expedite the filing of documents without validating signatures.

"High blood pressure pills have increased. I take a handful now. It's an emotional rollercoaster. Are they gonna move me today?" said Huml.

And just a few days ago she says two unmarked cars with Juarez license plates parked outside her home.

"With the situation in the border, I live two miles from the border you know I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know who these people were, what their intentions were they kept looking in my house," said Huml.

Eventually a county constable showed up and told Huml she would be evicted. She asked who the people were in the unmarked cars. The constable told her the bank hired them to help move her out. Although, Bea was able to turn the constable and the unmarked cars away because her case is now in federal court, she recently received another eviction notice.

We contacted CitiMortgage about those mysterious cars. The bank says they'll look into it. We called the El Paso judge who is handling Bea's case and will not comment give while the case is in court.

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The sheriff is participating in a crime here. Arrest the Sheriff for stealing a home and not upholding their oath to protect.

Why is stealing over $250 a felony, but stealing billions seems to be treated as a misdemeanor?Why are none of the big fish is in prison?
if I got caught doing something like this, I’d be arrested and thrown in jail
The American dream has been stolen from the us. It is the greed of . greedy bankers justice can be done to the homeowners who have been the victims of the crisis and the crimes.

thats what happen to be with wells fargo and i has also unemployed and i just left and know in renting because i was so tired that everyday i would get about 6 to 9 phone cals from the bank and i was very tired but the banks ae a scam im so disgusted what happen to the american dream they made mine and my boys got to hell

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