Woman Killed in Car Accident in Lower Valley

Woman Killed in Car Accident in Lower Valley

POSTED: Monday, May 23, 2011 - 2:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 5:17pm

UPDATE: Police have now released the name of 32-year-old Jenevieve Herrera as the victim in Sunday's fatal car accident.

EL PASO - A car accident in the Lower Valley left one woman dead.
It happened just before 3 this afternooon on Alameda just past Americas.
Police say the woman was pulling out of a driveway when her car was t-boned by a truck.
She died at the scene.
Her name hasn't been released.
The driver and passenger of the truck were also treated for unknown injuries.
Police are still investigating what led to the crash and who was at fault.

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So what some of you are saying is that the story would not have been as informative if her body wasn't shown?! I know the family and yes, it was very disturbing to them. The other station showed the vehicle and blurred the image of their family member. It's disappointing that this station had to use visuals that were unethical and immoral to make up for substandard reporting. Viewers saw more of the crash than we did and we were on scene. If you think this is reporting, you are sadly mistaken.

All of these people need to be mature and serious about the situation. These are called learning opportunities in the field and if anything these images get people like yourselves, blinded by the system, to drive more carefully when you are out there on the streets.

The driver of the pick up could be YOU next time, now you see what happens when you don't obey the law, text, or drink and drive. Innocent people die in accidents everyday but there's people like yourselves who refuse to see it.

I live on Wolverine street next to Parkland Elementary. People speed down this street like it is the freeway. Someday they are going to hit a kid. I called the cops one day and waited 1 1/2 hours, they didn't show up so I went to work. Nothing will get done until something happens. I prey to god it is not one of my grandkids. Get up earlier and go slower, PEOPLE!

You want news okay here is what they failed to report. She was more then a 32 year old woman that lost her life Sunday. She was a bus driver for Boone Transportation. She had a laugh that was contagious. She was a strong, independant woman. She was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a great God mother and an amazing woman. If you were blessed to know her for even a minute you know how special she was.

This is what news is about! Continue to cover these stories. It seems like everyday we have an accident that kills. We all should slow down and pay attention. The safest city? I don't think so!

Im sorry people but some of people that commet here have to get a life. The news has a job to do just like we all do. Im sorry for the familys loss love one.

Well obviously you dont have much of a life yourself if you took the time to COMMENT! And secondly you should learn to speak and write and spell before you COMMENT again. You will never know the pain the family feels by seeing these images on TV. and you should pray to God you never have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im sorry but you all people have nothing better to do but see were you can talk crap grow up its called NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

The photograph is really disturbing, you should take it down for the sake of the family.

This will be what they remember when they think of her death. Please do the right thing and take it down.

I can't beleive that everyone got offended by the images that news crews are supposed to investigate and report.This is what television news are supposed to show.If you feel offended by the images on the small screen,then do yourself a favor and tune in to the radio.

It is not that people get offended but until you go through a family members death and still have to see it displayed on tv you will not know the feeling. It is just common courtesy to
have for the family.

this is why news in el paso dont say evrything that happens in this city because of people like you. and hello you are so ignorant that you think america is the usa.

this coming from the same people that have no problem seeing dead bodies in iraq or afghanistan! you people are pathetic!

My heart breaks for this women who lost her life today. I must say that i was so disapointed in your coverage of this accident. I believe you are totally being disrespectful to her and her family for showing a photo of her lying dead in the street. other stations have done this but I am very upset that a station that I regualarly watch has stooped down to this level. Please consider the family of these victems before you air footage of the deceased in this manner.

What is wrong with this Station? Not only do you control the other station, you have to continue to demonstrate your total lack of morals and judgment. How dare you show a dead womans body on TV? Where are your morals and decency. Have you no respect for the dead? Are you so hard up for ratings? You don't fool me. I have been in this before and we never did this. Whats the purpose for this? Who does the decision making? Job security? I can do a better job at getting you ratings.

KTSM, you should be ashamed of yourselves for showing pictures of this poor woman dead on t.v. with her hand visible! Why can't you stop for one second and think of the agony her family must be facing right now having just lost a family member. I think this type of disrespect for basic human rights and feelings is just terrible! SHAME ON YOU! You should remove these images immediately and NEVER do this type of visual reporting in the future! So disappointed in this channel!

She was not t-boned by a truck. She was t-boned by a pickup. This is a misleading story designed to put 18 wheelers in a bad light. Why can't a news organization be truthful in their reporting rather than playing on the fears that many have of big rigs by making them think a big rig killed this woman. Shame on NBC El Paso.

so very true, big rigs get blamed enough for traffic fatalities as it is

I am absolutely offended that you would show the woman's body on the street! Hello! This is not Juarez...This is America. I will consider watching another news channel in the future!

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