Woman Furious Over Untreated Cat


POSTED: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 6:27pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 2, 2010 - 7:38am

EL PASO--- A woman says Animal Service veterinarians let her take her lost pet home with providing much-needed treatment.

Maria Hernandez is furious.
She says, it all started two weeks ago when her orange tabby, Frankie, went missing.
She went searching and found him among the cages at the Northeast Animal Control Shelter days later.

"He looked like he had gotten in a fight. His face was all scratched up... He was limping," she said.

Frankie had a deep cut through his belly and in his mouth to the jaw bone.

"So I assumed, 'They have a vet there, he's received medical care.' The individual told me he was fine, so I said, 'I'll pick him up later today,' "she said.

But then Hernandez took him to her vet, Dr. George Gibson at Eastwood Animal Clinic.

We asked if Frankie looked like he had been treated before.
"I would say no," said Gibson.

So we talked to Animal Services Director Eddie Castro.

"We have a medical team that does the rounds, and this case they did not notice, that this cat had this cut on the belly," he said.

Castro said, there's a reason for that.

"The cat was running loose. It didn't have a micro-chip, and didn't have a tag. If the cat had a tag, around the neck, it would have been treated different than a cat that's just a feral cat," he said.

At the shelter, tame cats are treated with the possibility of being returned, said Castro.
But feral cats, like doctors categorized Frankie, are not examined with the same care because of the costs, said Castro.

Hernandez says she would have preferred her cat euthanized, than going untreated.

"I would have been upset, but I would have been more understanding if they would have put him down and told me why they put him down. Thinking he was a stray and no one was going to pick him up or what-have-you, than to know he was in pain that long and they did nothing about it," she said.

Castro said Hernandez should have followed the law, and hopes her experience will serve as a lesson to all pet owners to microchip and tag their pets.

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Ferel means it is not sociable, not that it does not have a home. Director Castro is an {expletive} in my book. learn the difference Castro!!

So it's ok to mistreat an animal because he did not have tags?? I think the purpose of the story was to show that the animal had been mistreated not to show that it was the owners fault for not having a microchip. Feels good to know that I can mistreat my animal if I don't put tags on it, but once I tag my animal I have to take better care of him/her.

Bla Bla Bla is all we ever hear from the Animal Services, I have no trust in them.

Tag them if you love them.

How to Recognize Cruelty:-

This is only one of the signs listed by the
ASPCA experts on their website.... but it is there...

•Open wounds, signs of multiple healed wounds or an ongoing injury or illness that isn’t being treated

Let's face it, the issue here was the lack of humane care of this young cat -
...(and apparently of ALL untagged/non-microchipped animals who find themselves at the hands of the Animal Services ???????? Shelter)

Why wasn't that addressed?

In my opinion, it SHOULD NEVER matter if the animal had or did not have a tag, they should all receive the SAME treatment. The animals may be stray, but deserve the same dignity in life as any other sentient being/animal. We are so darn hypocritical about everything. Very disenchanting to think that an animal being treated so unfairly. Not enough money, please. Would you say the same if it were a human/family member...sorry, no money to care.

I don’t think most people really understand just how bad our animal problem is here in El Paso. Every shelter is maxed out on space for adoptable pets. People in this town adopt pets then give them back when they are tired of them. Is that fair or humane? Being in Castro's position is the most difficult job. He only has a certain amount of funds available to treat and care for abused, abandoned, stray, and lost pets. Have you guys been by the humane society lately? Have you donated lately?

Just so I get this right: you let your cat roam your neighborhood, where it defecates in other peoples' yards and riles up dogs that are propery restrained in their yards. The cat runs off, gets into a fight and is picked up by animal control. Now you expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for treating the cat? Keep your stinking cat in your house!

You must have missed the missing part.I don't think the cat was an outside cat from what it looks like.I also didn't read the part where she was expecting them to pay for vet bills.If thats the case I will let my animals go too so they can be examined by the vet at animal control.They would be quick to give you a tciket and/or take you to jail for a few days ensuring your picture was plastered all over the newstations, but when it comes to them it's ok because there's not enough money.

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