Woman Found Dead In Closet


POSTED: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 6:06pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 20, 2012 - 5:32pm

A murder investigation underway in El Paso, after a woman is bound, gagged and killed inside her home.
Family members found the 31-year-old victim dead last night inside her duplex on Threadgill in Northeast El Paso.

Only police tape is left where a young woman was murdered.Her family called her Gia. She was a sister, an aunt, and a mother and her relatives became worried when they didn't hear from her for a few days.

 Last night, her sister came by and Gia didn't answer the door. The dogs were outside and appeared to be hungry and so Gia's sister asked neighbors to help her get inside.

"I asked her why and she said she hasn't seen her for about three days ago," said Raymundo Suarez.
They broke into the house using a kitchen knife and made a gruesome discovery.

"Well what I saw, I saw her tied from the hands and tied from the mouth and a plastic bag from the face and I felt pretty bad so what I did is I got out of there," said Raymundo Suarez.

Gia's best friend Edgar also helped find the body.

"It breaks my heart because she didn't have to go like that. She was too young, smart, intelligent beautiful, caring, and unfortunately this happened for somebody to take her life like that; throw her in the closet, she didn't deserve that," said Edgar Gonzales.

Edgar grew up with Gia.

"I was just with her last week at the movies always smiling. Always with a happy face and I know she's up there looking at us with a happy face. Even though she's not here I know her spirits are here next to us," said Gonzales.

Police arrested Antonio Brown, Gia's husband. Neighbors say it was not a peaceful marriage.

"They're basically almost every day arguing over money over this,because he was the one that didn't work and she wanted him to work but he just wanted to stay home and do nothing," said Jesus Suarez.

Edgar Gonzales became emotional when asked about Antonio Brown.

"I'm not thinking about Antonio. I'm thinking about my sister, not thinking about him. He knew what he did and he's gonna pay for it," said Gonzales.

Gia Caballero has a 15-year old daughter who is with relatives.


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You know what "Christi" this was one of best friends & no one knows what happens except the people involved, he will get what he deserves .....I leave it in God's hands

why do women tolerate this things? i just dont understand.

Read my comment "Christi"

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