Woman Dies in House Fire

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 5:42pm

 EL PASO - An elderly woman has died after a fire erupted in her home in Central El Paso on Wednesday.

Firefighters rushed to the 5000 block of Olson Street at 11 a.m. when a neighbor reported the fire.

The woman, 73-year-old Maria Teresa Villalobos, who ran out of her house with her clothes on fire, was transported to the Lubbock Burn Center where she later died.

Her daughter-in-law told us 73-year-old Maria Teresa Villalobos was active in the community, loved to swim, and go to church.

She gave us a picture of her mother in law as she stood in the doorway of her charred home.

By now most of Maria’s neighbors have heard the horrible news that she died in the Lubbock Burn Center."Suddenly I just heard the lady screaming for help," says neighbor Alfredo Vargas.

Vargas was at home Monday morning when he heard Maria screaming. He ran next door and found a terrible scene.

Maria’s house was on fire. She was outside in the front yard.

“Her clothes were already off. And she was just in her underwear and it was on fire, " says Vargas.

Alf redo showed us the garden hose he used to spray water on Maria. He covered her with a blanket and waited for paramedics to show up.

"She was just crying and saying something about her kitchen. She was saying that it hurt and it was burning and everything."

Firefighters say Maria was cleaning her kitchen with a highly flammable solvent when the vapors suddenly ignited.Her clothes were covered in the substance and burst into flames.

Maria’s daughter- in-law says her husband went to Lubbock and was by his mom's side as she passed away. She leaves behind one grandchild.

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