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Woman Dies In Highway Accident

Woman Dies In Highway Accident

POSTED: Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 1:23pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 4:25pm

Children Passengers Also Victims

EL PASO -- This morning started tragically as a deadly car accident took the life of woman.

It happened on the westbound I-10 Highway by the Executive entrance ramp around 10 a.m.

Police say a semi-truck and a four-door car carrying around six passengers, including children,collided apparently during a lane change.

A woman in the car was ejected from the vehicle and the children were transported to a hospital. Police say some were wearing seatbelts. This accident did not involve rollovers.

Traffic is backed up for miles and hours as the wreckage clears. The westbound highway is currently closed between the Executive entrance ramp and Sunland Park exit.  

Police are still investigating this case. The victims' names and ages have not been released yet.


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FIRST and foremost, my condolences to this family and hope that all the other family members recooperate.

As to the accident, it was that - an accident. Let investigators do their jobs before blaming the semi driver or the sedan driver. I must say though that there are a lot of drivers here from Mexico that cannot read or understand our laws of driving; therefore EVERYONE needs to be cautious of their own driving.

I mean, I never being in a place where people drive so reckless. Like they dont even understand the rules and regulations of the roads. I mean, they will jump while it's just few inches away from your car. I'm serious, out of all the places in the U.S. I thought L.A. drivers were the worst, but here in El Paso, they are the worst of the worst because i dont know if they know how to read the signs on the board by the roads or whAT!! it's crazy i say!!

In todays world, cell phones, too many people in one vehicle, radio turned on too loud, can certainly be distractions. I, personally do not take the freeway, for that reason, too many drivers who do not have the courtesy to signal or driving too fast or on their cell phones..Drivers take that extra time and drive safely and courtesy to your fellow drivers, put a signal on if your turning PLEASE!!! Its a privilege to drive...My condolences to the family.

i just move from wisconsin to el paso area and what i see here people don't respect others drivers thats very bad we have to take responsability when we are draving thanks juan

Most of the peoples are not follow the rules of the driving... If this lady wear the seat belt may be she is live this moment... But this is really sad news. Remaining that tech this accident to follow the driving rules. This is good for you & your family.

Many on here are right. Drivers need to respect the rules of the road period. Just the other day on November 5th there was an accident involving a Sun Metro bus, a SUV, an El Paso Disposal truck and two others on I-10 West just past Piedras. In that accident a driver decided they wanted to exit at Piedras at the last moment and veered to the exit all the way from the furthest left lane in a sweeping motion, how safe was that? If you miss your exit go down to the next one and come back around!

once again lets congratulate the geniuses at city council for passing this trucking was only a matter of time until something like was going to happen!we had a close call saturday evening,a big semi breathing down our necks,they don't slow down for anyone!way to go city council,hooray! what next!add to that and all the lousy drivers from mexico!,cutting you off,its only the careful outthere you all!

Better to get more people to wear their seat belts. That does prevent fatalities. Sadly, the woman in this accident did wear a seatbelt.

That is a good thought! However, ALL drivers should go back to the basic driving rules mandated by the LAW.

I have been driving for over 35 years now and I see that no one really gives a damn of how they drive, who they cut off and the list goes on.

Learn to respect and maybe we wouldn't see sad stories like this.

GOD Bless the family. Our prayers are with you.


I wonder how it happened shouldn't there be no trucks in the left lane?

The answer is not always the Loop. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio have "loops". Truckers still need to get into the heart of the cities for delivery, pickups, etc. The loops are great for cross country truckers-but look at the amount of business in the town surrounded by the loops. Safe driving practices need to performed by both cars and trucks. How many times do you see a car within feet of the bumper of a truck or changing lanes in front of a truck with less than a car length between them.


Don't put 6 people in a 4 door car!!! Those things hold 5 passengers at the most safely and EVERYONE should always wear a seatbelt. Accidents happen. You do what you have to do to make sure that when they do happen you are as SAFE as possible!!!

That is a great idea. I-10 is super packed now a days with both cars and tractor trailers.

Whats funny is the bypass according to Tex DoT is loop 375 and going threw anythony gap to bypass el paso, but yet there is no signs to instruct the truckers to do so. This would help alot in the congestion in traffic with these semi's but like true el paso tradition lets just tell them to use the middle lane of the highway and not work harder to make things better.

Not enough info. Who made the lane change which caused the accident. Most truckers are excellent drivers, however, drivers, here in el paso, generally, expect everyone to move out of their way, even if they cut you off, without thinking of the circumstances of endangering everyones lives, and, unfortunately, in this case her own. However, this statement needs more info. on what actually happened. Politics played a part in transmountain truck route, anthony would be better.

I was riding by shortly after this happened it was a very surreal scene, its a shame that this happened, but I must ask why there was 6 passengers in a dodge neon? Why were people not wearing seatbelts and how can a person be thrown from a car that didn't roll over? So many unanswered questions with the unfortunate event and probly many ways this could have been avoided. My heart and condolences go out to the family of the people involved in this horrible accident.

I also drove by very shortly after the accident.They had the barriers up in an attempt to block the body.You are a little wrong on a few facts,I think the car was actually a Ford Taurus and according to other articles I've read(don't know exactly how true they are)the women was wearing a seat belt.I also read on I believe the El Paso Times website that two of the children were also ejected because their booster/car seats were not installed properly.I don't know how much of what I've read is true

As an EMT I have seen this many times. If you get hit hard enough from the rear you will go through the windshield. Sorry to be graphic. Wear your seatbelt.

As the wife of a truck driver I am tired of them getting all the blame put on them. I know Pyron was not blaming truckers but many do. He has had cars race up and cut him off and then expect him to stop as fast as they can! These people need to go back to drivers ed and remember it takes larger vehicles LONGER to stop than a small car. Maybe a lane dedicated to truckers, but still giving them the opportunity to pass (some loads go very slow).

Just got home from church after spending more than an hour in the traffic. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

Never drive next to a semi truck, they can't see you cause of their blind spot.

The ordinance wont allow the big trucks in the left lane. Look at the picture with this article. The semi's are in the right lanes because our city council decided it would be better for the flow of traffic to force them out of the left lane. It makes morning commuting nightmarish and changing lanes scary

Force the truckers to go around on the loop...Then we won't be reading as many headlines like this. I am not saying that is the truckers fault, they are just driving trucks that are way bigger than the average car out there and there are a lot more cars on I-10 than there are on the loop. It's just a thought.

Truckers pay thousands of dollasr in Road taxes more than you do. Perhaps maybe the driver of the car should have been more careful. How do you overlook a truck. Was she on the phone? Just a thought.

I agree. There is something weird about this. The chances of a regular car missing a truck are pretty slim, but even a 16yr old out of drivers ed knows a truck can't see you unless you can see the driver. I feel horrible for this woman and her family, but truckers do get a bad rap when most are better drivers than regular people. Especially those from across the border.

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