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Witness in Billy Abraham's trial: 'His eyes were glassy, bloodshot'


POSTED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 4:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 9:16pm

Day 2 of El Paso businessman's intoxication manslaughter trial

Day 2 of William "Billy" Abraham's intoxication manslaughter trial continued on Tuesday inside a packed courtroom.

The day began with Juan Antonio Milton Martinez, the witness who claimed the day before he saw the victim, 47-year-old Jay Grady, stagger at the Paisano intersection before a white truck hit him. Milton-Martinez also testified to jurors that he believed Grady was under the influence of drugs and the white truck did not have enough time to maneuver away from Grady before the accident occurred on July 20, 2010.

The next witness, Border Patrol Agent Joseph Lane, testified to pulling Abraham over.

Detective Cory Harrison took the stand next. At the time, Det. Harrison was an officer with the El Paso Police Department. He was tasked with taking pictures of the white truck. Harrison told jurors that the white truck had 'red stains' all over the from bumper.
The jurors also saw pictures of the truck which had a cracked headlight on the passengers side and a large dent on the hood.

Sergeant Jaime Esparza was asked to testify next. Sgt. Esparza is with EPPD's DWI Task Force. He told jurors when he arrived at the scene that July evening, he noticed a man who he pointed out is Abraham in court. When he opened the patrol car Abraham was in, he said, he immediately smelled alcohol.

When Esparza took Abraham from the back of the patrol car to conduct a field sobriety test, he says Abraham reeked of alcohol and that his eyes were glassy, he had bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred.

The jury also heard from a forensic scientist who testified that Abraham had a blood alcohol level of .20. The legal limit is .08.The defense tried to throw out Abraham's blood test multiple times from that night, but the judge kept the evidence. The scientist said Jay Grady had a .23 blood alcohol level at the time of his death. El Paso County's Chief Medical Examiner, also took the stand and said Grady died from multiple blunt force trauma.

The trial will continue inside the 384th District Court with Judge Patrick Garcia at 8:30 am on Wednesday.

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