Wing shortage or no wing shortage?

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 10:25pm

Crisis averted, at least that's what some are now saying.

Earlier this week, the National Chicken Council released a report saying the price of wings are higher this Superbowl because of the soaring prices of corn and animal feed -- that means 12 million fewer wings than last year.

"We've seen a little increase in price for chicken. I've been with the company for about two months. Since I've been here, it's gone up about 25 cents. But weird, it actually went down this last week and we were expecting it to go up for Superbowl," says Mike Peters, the General Manager of Wing Daddy's on Mesa. He says his business hasn't had a hard time ordering wings.

"Business has been great. This is actually the first I've heard of the wings shortage. We haven't had a problem since I've been here about 2 months. We haven't had problems with wings," says Peters.

Wing Daddy's says even though the price of meat has increased, they haven't been charging their customers more for wings.

"Wing Daddy's it's very affordable. We haven't passed the cost onto our customers, we've kept it the same price," says Peters.

So is Wing Daddy's ready for a wing rush this Superbowl Sunday?

"I just got off the phone with a young lady who ordered 400 wings and she's actually going to come in today and pay for them and pick them up at about 9:45 tomorrow. So she's obviously having a big party at the house," Peters says.

Is it time to start hoarding wings? Wing Daddy's doesn't think so. They're even opening their doors an hour earlier on Sunday to make sure anyone wanting wings for their Superbowl party can come by and get them.

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