Windy weather causes headaches for some

Windy weather causes headaches for some
Monica Cortez(KTSM)
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 6:41pm

A wind advisory for west El Paso has expired, but earlier today the winds were so strong it caused property damage.

Before the cool front hit today, a weather system coming from the east pushed strong winds toward the west causing a few headaches for some West El Pasoans.

An old, dead tree was thrown over by the wind and fell onto two cars at an apartment complex on Caprock near Sunland Park.

The owner of one of the cars said Mother Nature is fierce.

"What a mess," these were the two words of a frustrated man who found the dead tree over his car.

West El Pasoan George Obrien said it was because of the strong winds he was surprised with that scene early this morning.

"I woke up several times throughout the night hearing the wind.. But I didn't hear anything when the tree went over,” he said.

Crews were busy sawing the tree into more manageable pieces for removal, and Obrien tells NewsChannel 9 there are two more dead trees that could cause future damage.

"They got two more dead ones there that ought to get cut down before they get blown over," he said.

As the winds whip and the cold air tumbles in, some El Pasoans said they are excited for the cooler change.

"You know there are only a few months out of the year where we have wind and I welcome it,” said West El Pasoan Charlene Woodell. “Not because of the wind, but because of the change of climate."

Stores are also preparing for the coming chilly temperatures.

Wal-Mart on North Mesa is already displaying their jackets and sweaters and even heated blankets.

"We are seeing an increase in those little gloves for a dollar fifty that type of stuff,” said Market Manager for Wal-Mart Kimberly Johnstun. “Those impulse items that when you went outside in the morning and your hands got cold you stopped by and go a pair of gloves."

Some El Pasoans even said ice was already forming overnight.

"I was on the roof two days ago, and I had ice on top of the roof, so it is getting colder at night," said Dave Davis, from West El Paso.

Others are just cautioning on what windy weather could bring.

“Now I am just waiting for the tree to come off my car so my insurance company can assess the damage,” said Obrien.

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