Will You Bid?

Will You Bid?
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 2:25pm

Die-Hard GB Packers Fan Auctions Himself on eBay In Hopes Someone Will Take Him To Super Bowl

DALLAS— A die-hard Green Bay Packers fan is auctioning himself on eBay in hopes that someone will take him with them to the Super Bowl.

The eBay auctioneer, who goes by “777bandman,” has started his bid at 1 cent, and his shipping is free. He simply wants a seat in a suite at Super Bowl XLV on February 06, 2011.

This is the description of his listing:

“Do you have an ultra lucrative suite to the big game - that's right the mother of them all - THE SUPER BOWL? Will your suite be "packed" (GO PACK) full - completely side-to-side? If so, go ahead and keep walking.. If not, I will grace you with my presence if you let me join in on your suite at Super Bowl XLV 2/6/11 between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can even think of this as charity on your part if it makes you feel better. You see, I am a poor college student and I have been waiting for my beloved Packers to make it back to the Super Bowl since I was 8 years old. Being from the Dallas area, I have to find a way to get to this game. During the 2007 NFC Championship Game, my heart was broken into pieces following Brent (whoops. Brett.) Favre's final pass as a Green Bay Packer that sent the NY Giants to the Super Bowl. All of this was erased this postseason as the Packers made it back to the big dance! So, make a dream come true, and remember... I am a small skinny white kid, I don't take up much space. I am trying to diet to minimize the space I take up in effort to get ready for the big game! That's right. Up for auction is an opportunity for you - rich suite holder - to be graced with the presence of me, myself, and I. If you're a nice person then I might even pay you! Bid now and FREE SHIPPING with this auction!”

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