Will Protesters Clash With Police?


POSTED: Sunday, November 13, 2011 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 13, 2011 - 8:12pm

EL PASO - Tonight Occupy El Paso protesters are preparing to be arrested. Their permit to occupy the San Jacinto Plaza ends tonight, but some people say they're not leaving.

"We don't need a permit anyway. We're exercising our First Amendment Right to assemble in a public forum and redress our grievances. It's the First Amendment. We don't need a permit," protester Wiley Driskell said.

That's the mentality of several Occupy El Paso protesters. They've been staying in the Plaza for about a month, but the city says it's time to go. El Paso City Council did not extend their permit to stay, but protesters say they're not leaving and will likely end up in jail.

"The Constitutional Law supersedes all local ordinances. So this is actually a violation of our rights," Driskell said.

Protesters say the city wants the square to prepare for the holidays, and they say the city promised them another permit to occupy the park by the downtown library. Apparently, that deal went sour.

"Now they've told us there's construction going on in Cleveland Square, that apparently they weren't a aware of before, when they first promised it. But we've checked with the parks department, and there's no construction going on in Cleveland Square," Driskell said.

Protesters now openly expect for police to arrest them, and they say if they do, they'll sue the City of El Paso.

"We kind of want to see what kind of enforcement is used today and go off of that," protester Jopanni Flores said.

Occupy El Paso has thousands of supporters in the Borderland, and protestors say the movement will continue, but others say enough is enough.

"Everything has its end. This can't last more than one or two months, because there isn't a solution for it here," Angel Mota said

Of course, we're monitoring the story. Watch News Channel 9 at 10 for the latest update.

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I have been completely in support of the "Occupy" movement.

However, since the protestors are no longer willing to comply with the law... they had no problems complying when the permit was granted... I withdraw my support.

Arrests and chaos only serve to negate any positive message sent by the movement.

My bank account now stays with BofA in protest of the protestors.

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