Will elections change progress in downtown?

Will elections change progress in downtown?
Friday, May 10, 2013 - 1:54pm

With a full facelift for downtown El Paso and new leaders, including a mayor and city reps, the city itself is bound for change.
But how much will the new leadership effect downtown?

Six months ago Bill and Yolanda Radcliffe moved from West El Paso to downtown.

"We decided to come and try the more urban lifestyle", Bill Radcliffe said. "So far we really like it. it has it's ups and downs".

They like what's happening here.

"All the investment that's being done downtown and in the surrounding areas, remodeling of buildings and preservation," Radcliffe said.

El Pasoans will elect a new mayor and several city representatives tomorrow.

"I think getting new people or people moving up into those positions is a good thing," Radcliffe said.

"Not all the people is going to agree," Quetzal Gonzalez. "All people have different views, but I think it's a good year. There's a lot of changes and I believe it's for the better," said Gonzalez.

Will these leaders hinder or help downtown's growth?

"Tomorrow's race will either promote the progress or could have somewhat of a stalling effect," said County Judge Veronica Escobar.

She said it depends on who's elected.

"I'm very much a proponent of downtown revitilization and I represent the county. I also know that if downtown's not pouring money into the tax base, I can't fuel county services in the outlying areas without raising taxes".

She said focusing on investment in downtown will take the tax burden off of home owners and put it on the businesses there.

"The future of El Paso especially in the next few years will be decided with the municipal election," Escobar

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