Wikileaks Mentions El Paso, Juarez


POSTED: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 9:08pm

The Wikileaks controversy is hitting the borderland. Several government documents released by Wikileaks mention El Paso and Juarez.

The documents lay out crucial resources in and out of the United States that diplomats want to see protected.

They also emphasize the importance of being a key player in Mexican politics and protecting the U.S.-Mexican relationship.

"It certainly could to lead to criticism by those who want to be critics," said UTEP political science professor Gregory Rocha.

"I don't really know if that's so surprising, I think we've always understood the importance of this area given that it's so very close to another nation," Rocha said.

One document says the U.S. needs to be seen as a critical player in Mexican politics, and that the key to reducing crime there is to make sure people feel safe enough to tip off police against drug traffickers. Another document named the Bridge of the Americas a crucial spot that, if weakened, could threaten national security.

"I think this violence has moved almost front and center when it comes to the relationship between the two countries," Rocha said.

Yet another document discusses a "low level of collaboration between Mexican military and civilian authorities along the border" and proposes a mission program to Juarez and El Paso.

The U.S. State Department wouldn't discuss the documents with us because they say it is now under investigation. But Rocha says these documents only give us more insight into what we already know.

"It provides more detail, and when we think about this relationship that we have with this country, it's very unique," Rocha said.

While the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico seems to be the common denominator in these documents, it remains to be seen whether the leaking of the documents will hurt that relationship.

"Leaders at the highest level, they have to trust one another, that the things they say are going to be kept confidential," Rocha said.

See the documents by clicking the links below:

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I'm all for giving El Paso back to Mexico. I've had it with living here.

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