Wife of Man Who Was Run Over Wants Speed Bumps


POSTED: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 2:08pm

EL PASO - Most of us hate to see cars speeding down residential streets, especially with kids playing nearby. But on one eastside residential street, speeding recently became a deadly concern.

Now neighbors are banding together to see some change. A few weeks ago, a man was sent to the hospital after getting hit by a car that neighbors say was going about 60 miles an hour. The man's wife tells me she'll go to any lengths to prevent this from happening again.

"I saw a lot of people out, walking, running, walking their dogs, the neighborhood just welcomed me," said Cecy Hijar. But a few months after moving here with her family, she came across a bump in the road.

"The cars were just excessively speeding," she said. "My kids were out on bikes and one of them was almost hit by one."

Luckily, a tragedy was avoided, but they wouldn't stay so lucky for long.

About a month ago, Hijar's husband came home from work.

"As he proceeded to get out of his car, this speeder just took him, just ran over him," Hijar said.

Her husband flew 50 feet and was rushed to the hospital. Not wanting this to happen to anyone else, Hijar says she called the city for help in changing the speed limit or putting speed bumps on her street.

"I've attempted some calls and stuff and I haven't gotten anything back, any response back," Hijar said.

We called the city, and they have a complaint on record, but not from Hijar. To move forward, the city tells us she will need to sign a petition with the help of other neighbors. And it looks like Hijar has their support.

"Not feeling safe right outside your house, especially when there's a neighborhood full of kids," said neighbor Rachel Gaddam. She would like to see speed bumps, as well as speed limit signs.

"For them it's like, you don't see a sign so you use your own judgment, and I should say it's a poor judgment," said Gaddam.

Hijar hopes something will be done before anyone else gets hurt.

"We don't have that security feeling anymore, it's just not there," Hijar said.

The city's traffic enforcement division says once they have that petition, they will look at what measures can be done. We also asked why the speed limit wasn't posted along that street. They say it's not unusual, and that the speed limit is always 30 miles an hour unless otherwise posted.

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It's not the bumps. Juarez has bumps. Did it help? Of course not. What is needed is driver education for all drivers. It's ignorant drivers, with no driver education that's at fault. No offense, her kids are riding their bikes in the streets should not be allowed. That is pretty stupid thing to allow, you are just begging for a tragedy. The bike riding should be done in our park system, theres plenty of areas to ride their bikes. every day I always look behind me before getting out.

This comment is ignorant because I'm sure she is afraid for her children to ride their bikes on the SIDEWALK... which should be a safe place to walk or ride a bike for an adult or child. But reckless driving could kill someone even on the sidewalk... people shouldn't be afraid to walk on their street (sidewalk). And allowing this should not have the consequence of having a family member killed by someone careless. Be considerate, this could happen to your family. I'm sure you don't ALWAYS check!

This comment is ignorant....I don't believe at all that driver education will prevent something like this from happening again. People know the rules, driving laws and consequences of driving recklessly, especially in a neighborhood. But no one cares or implements them in their daily driving habits until they kill someone. Speed bumps I do believe will help. If no one is going to slow down well we can make them slow down by adding these speed bumps.

This is not the City of El Paso's fault. It is the fault of the idiot that was traveling 60 miles per hour in a residential area. The whole City needs speed bumps not just this particular neighborhood. Think of your own driving next time you are traveling down the freeway or road. We have all become maniacs behind the wheel and control will never again be established. While on your way to work next time do the speed limit and count how many idiots pass you at a high rate of speed.

Hopefully, they will put in the speed bumps that can slow down these idiots instead of the stupid traffic islands and bottlenecks they just spent tens of thousands of dollars installing on Leroy Bonse. These just make more obstacles for these folks to swerve around - just like in their favorite video games which they seem to think they are playing on our streets already.

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