Wicked Could Bring In Big Business For Downtown

Wicked Could Bring In Big Business For Downtown

POSTED: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 8:17pm

EL PASO - Local businesses downtown are wickedly excited about the nationally recognized Broadway show premiering tonight.

That's because thousands of extra people are exploring downtown and of course spending money.

The wicked witch of the west is in town, but that's actually good news for El Paso.

"We expect over 30 thousand people will enjoy the show over a 12-day period so obviously they'll be down here walking shopping parking dining drinking," Bryan Crowe of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

Local businesses like Kupper Gray of Kipp's Cheesesteak downtown are already seeing new faces.

"I'm going to get some people that say things like wow this is the first time I've ever seen you guys but I'll be sure to come back. We really look forward to events like these," Gray said.

And it's not just El Pasoans going to the Plaza Theater to watch the big show.

"I've seen some purchases from almost all states in the United States it's really cool to look at our ticket reporting and see all the places that people are coming from to see the show as well as the impact from Mexico," Crowe said.

While restaurants are bringing in more staff and food to prepare for the next 12 days, the grand opening of the Emerald Garden a restaurant that caters to Wicked fans is also underway.

"Its a pre-show dining experience for about 90 guests each evening it lets folks come downtown park easy get in situated enjoy a meal and the. Get into the show."

While it may just seem like a Broadway show to some people, Wicked is just the beginning of what could turn into "Emerald City" for others.

"Where a lot of people see adversity downtown and a lot of things that have to be I've overcome I see opportunity it's Wicked this is something that gets national acclaim and it's happening right here in downtown El Paso inspire of what a lot of people claim to be a non-functioning downtown. I happen to believe in it," Gray said.

The El Paso Convention Center and Visitors Bureau says several restaurants downtown have already contacted them thanking them for bringing in the show because they are booked up with reservations for the next two weeks.

So, plan ahead.

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We went to see "Wicked"' ( 2/2/12) playing for the second day mattinee. Sepctular show, broadway worthy! then enjoyed a fabulous dinner in your "Emerald Gardens".
Please continue to bring such wonderful productions to our area. We live in Las Cruces, NM. Thank you for doing so.

F.A. Rodriguez
Las Cruces,NM

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