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White House Slams Wikileaks Document Release

Monday, November 29, 2010 - 10:37am

WASHINGTON D.C. - The White House today is condemning the release of a quarter million classified State Department documents obtained by "Wikileaks."

The documents do not hold anything back when talking about world leaders - describing one as thin-skinned - another as strange.

With the hundreds of thousands of secrets and embarrassing diplomatic cables being read around the world, it's an administration scrambling for damage control.

Attorney General Eric Holder was one of the first to criticize Wikileaks move.

"It puts at risk our national security. But in a more concrete way, it puts at risk individuals who are serving this country in a variety of capacities."

Secretary of State Clinton spent most of the weekend on the phone with world leaders, trying to explain the leaked documents which offer unflattering views of some leaders and detail how the U.S. sometimes used strong-arm tactics, and even asked U.S. diplomats to collect DNA samples and frequent flier numbers from U.N. leaders.

But Wikileaks shadowy founder defended the document dump.

"Because not publishing anything at all would mean not publishing the abuses by that organization."

Some, like New York Congressman Peter King, pushed to have the whistleblowing Web site declared a foreign terrorist organization.

"If American lives are at risk - and every top military official has said that - then we have to be serious - we should go after him for violating the espionage act."

The office of management and budget has now ordered a government wide review of how agencies safeguard sensitive information.

The prime suspect in obtaining the documents, a 23-year-old army intelligence analyst, remains in military custody.

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