Which states have the most charitable residents?

Which states have the most charitable residents?
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 5:46am

A new Gallup Poll shows some states are a little more generous than others. It asked Americans from each state if, over the past month, they had either personally donated money to charity or volunteered time to an organization. It found that overall, people were more likely to donate money than time and states varied pretty widely on their charitable activities.

The top three states with the most charitable residents in both time and money: Congratulations go to Utah with a huge number. 71% of Utah residents donated money, 56% donated their time and 48% did both.

Utah was followed by Minnesota as the second most generous state and Hawaii comes in third. By comparison, according to Gallup, the states with the lowest percentages in donating their time and money are Nevada ranks among the lowest. 57% of residents donated money, 32% donated time, but only 24% did both, Kentucky, New York, Mississippi, and Arizona round out the list of the states that give the least overall.

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