What's Open on Christmas?


POSTED: Saturday, December 25, 2010 - 8:47pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 26, 2010 - 9:25pm

EL PASO- Most of you are probably at home somewhere, spending time with family.  But for those of you who want to get out of the house for a minute, we took a quick drive around town to see what's open.

Yesterday's last-minute shopping craze packed stores across El Paso.  But today, empty parking lots abound, as El Pasoans spend their holiday with family.

Bbut what if you're feeling a little stir crazy, or maybe need to walk a off big christmas meal?  Well, a few places are open for business today.

Start with gas stations, open for you to fill up before your drive home from Grandma's.  And maybe you need a quick snakc for the ride.  Convenience stores are open too.

How about something to wash down that christmas fruitcake?  A local watering hole opened it's doors today.  The Hoppy Monk on Mesa is ready with a cold draft.

"We really tried hard to be open this weekend, give the people of El Paso something to do.  So we hope they come in and are pleasantly enjoyed and they can have some good Christmas memories for 2010," says owner Joseph Valenzuela.

For some late night dining, Denny's is open, and you can see the wait staff is ready to help. IHOP told us they're open twenty four hours a day, and lots of people filled booths at Village Inn this afternoon.

Or what about entertainment? if re-runs of A Christmas Story aren't your thing, head out to the movies.

But if going to the movies isn't your thing, head to your local Red Box.  Those are always open, and be sure to stop into Walgreens.  They're open today, and can sell you some popcorn to go with your movie.

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1. Bbut
2. walk a off big christmas (nonsensical and Christmas is a proper noun)
3. snakc
4. open too (where's the comma?)
5. christmas fruitcake (again, Christmas is a proper noun)
6. if re-runs (how about capitalizing the first letter of this sentence?)

OpenOffice is free and has a built in spelling checker. There is no excuse for this amount of lazy sloppiness in any professional news publication, online or print.

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