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What's next for Mayor John Cook

What's next for Mayor John Cook
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POSTED: Sunday, June 23, 2013 - 5:08pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 24, 2013 - 8:13am

Oscar Leeser will officially become El Paso’s next mayor on Monday at the inauguration ceremony.

It will also be Mayor John Cook’s last day in office. But the big question now is: What’s next for Mayor Cook?

News Channel 9 sat down with both Leeser and Cook on Sunday to discuss their plans.

“Come Tuesday morning, when I put on a white shirt and tie and put my suit on and then sit there at the breakfast table saying now what do I do?" said Mayor John Cook.

Mayor Cook has served in office for 14 years and according to the city clerk, he's been the longest serving member of the city council.

“I think the shortest was several days,” he said, “He was threatened to be hung by an angry mob so he left.”

According to Cook, even though he has mixed feeling about leaving office, he is excited about what awaits him.

“I am going to devote my time to my grandchildren, the U.S.-Mexico Border Mayors Association, feeding the Nation's Homeless Project that my wife and I started,” Cook said. “And then also, playing with my antique cars, I have a nice collection of antique cars that should keep me out of the house and in the garage.”

Cook said he has several antique cars he is working on and will now be able to devote more time to. Especially his 1960 TR3, which he said will take him a couple of years to fix up.

“It’s a two year project,” he said pointing it out in his garage. “It’s just putting the pieces back together. “

As for Leeser, he said this new job won’t change him in any way.

“We have always been involved in the community so I am not sure it’s a huge change,” said Leeser referring to the change in professions. “We have been sponsoring the Sun Bowl, we do a lot of donations, and we have always been involved in the community.”

He said Cook give him a few suggestions for when he gets sworn in on Monday.

“The advice he gave me after he heard me sing was that I needed to take singing lessons,” Leeser said jokingly. “Other than that I think we are prepared and we are prepared to take the city forward.”

And Mayor Cook said maybe it’s time to hang up the coat and tie for a while.

“I might take off the white shirt and tie and put my blue jeans on and go out and wash and wax my cars and pretend I'm the karate kid.”
The inauguration ceremony is scheduled to begin at 5:30 Monday evening at the Plaza Theatre in Downtown El Paso.

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