What's next for Mariah Wilson?


POSTED: Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 12:51pm

UPDATED: Sunday, March 20, 2011 - 12:20pm

EL PASO - The criminal case against David Marmolejo is over. He's been sentenced to 54 years for murdering his mother. But don't be surprised if you hear a lot more about this case.

That's because the family of David and Gloria Marmolejo said they plan to take civil action against her.

"We didn't call Mariah Wilson to the stand mostly because I think in the first trial, the focus moved from the defendant to her. I wanted this trial to stay focused on the defendant and the defendant's actions," said District Attorney Jaime Esparza on Wednesday, following Marmolejo's sentencing.

But in the first trial last October, Wilson was the prosecution's star witness. She was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony implicating David Marmolejo as his mother's killer. Wilson claimed she helped Marmolejo dump Gloria's body in the Santa Teresa desert, after he killed her. She also said she helped clean up evidence.

And now the Marmolejo family plans to take civil action against her.

“In all likelihood, it could take up to two or three years," said criminal defense attorney Miguel Cervantes.

He wasn't involved in the Marmolejo case in any way but said pursuing civil action against Wilson may not be worth it.

"You have to go through the entire trial again. You have to bring in the doctors, bring in the witnesses, have a jury present, all the evidence. And expert witnesses are very expensive. It would be a tremendous amount of money and time to the Marmolejo's."

Even if Wilson is found guilty in a civil trial, she won't be sentenced to any jail time. All the family may be able to get from her is money.

"A lot of people do it for the principal of the thing. It's probably just a lot of wasted time and money to sue Wilson at this point."

But for a family still seeking justice for Gloria, time and money just might be worth it.

Cervantes said Wilson could still possibly face criminal charges in New Mexico since Gloria's body was found in Santa Teresa. But he said there's probably not enough evidence to prosecute her.

David Marmolejo was found guilty of his mother's murder on Tuesday.

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seems maria did not mention her relationship with her coach before she was with david. stay tuned.

goes to show the mentality of these so called prossecuters. could not build a case without her so they had to let one killer go.ok where am i missing parts. is the D.A . really that stupid? Everyone in the area with half a brain knew they both had a hand in this murder, so why make a deal with this bitch to convict the other bitch? it is very sad that the world lost somone like Gloria, and all because these two wanted to have an inapropriet relationship. and yes i agree with "what were you think

There are some things regarding Mariah Wilson that haven't been discussed - for example, David Marmolejo started molesting her when she was 14 & he was 25. Where are the charges for child molestation? Surely there isn't a statute of limitations on that. Maybe it was consensual because she thought she was in love with him, but w/ her being just 14 at the time she wasn't mature enough, or smart enough, to know better. He's been manipulating her for 10+ years and she STILL doesn't know any better.

So with her being manipulated for so long, there are a lot of psychological factors to consider. With a civil suit, Wilson's defense team will probably bring in experts to expose those psychological factors and the Huerta/Marmolejo family (Bless them) will lose the civil suit. I am in no way defending her and her actions in covering up the murder of poor Gloria, and I am not on her side. Her actions were unforgivable. But I don't think she had a choice. Just sayin'.

They should go for it, she is just as guilty.

i think she and Loser killed her

Kudos to the woman that held out in the first trial. Was she the only one that came to court with her thinking cap on that day? Were the jurors in the first trial wearing ear plugs and blinders? No wonder El Paso always gets a "bad rap." Shameful!

El Paso takes pride in being a liberal stronghold with "compassion" for every loser and lawbreaker. The only job qualification most El Paso judges and juries seem to have is, well, compassion; not for the victim, but for the criminal.

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