What's a monsoon?

What's a monsoon?
Monday, July 8, 2013 - 3:36pm

And what are it's effects on the Borderland?

Thunderstorms and extra humidity across the Borderland can mean only one thing. Monsoon season has begun.

It lasts June 15th through the end of September. It's a period of time when the winds reverse and bring moisture from the South.

Rains linked to monsoon wreaked havoc on El Paso in 2006. Now that rain is in the Borderland, many El Pasoans might just think summer is the rainy season.

"Academia loves to argue over 'Was this really the start date of the actual monsoon?'," said National Weather Service meteorologist John Fausett. "People get tied up in that and forget about all the hazards that are associated with a monsoon. So we went with a monsoon season, like a hurricane season".

A monsoon is not a storm or a one time occurance.

"A monsoon is a pattern, Fausett said. "It's a reversal of our winds. So instead of westerlies bringing the dry air in, you start to get winds out of the south southeast bringing moisture in during the summer".

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