What you should know before getting refrigerated air

Monica Cortez KTSM

POSTED: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 9:19am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 2:48pm

The temperatures are heating up and that means air conditioners are running on full speed.

In fact, local refrigerated air company Times Refrigeration said they are swamped with requests for installments for refrigerated air units.

Far East El Paso resident Guadalupe Rodriguez said she’s noticed the difference in the climate in the past 7 years. “It’s been feeling warmer and more humid,” she said. And Rodriguez is right.


According to our very own Chief Meteorologist Chuck DeBroder, our humidity levels have been increasing over the past several years. This means swamp coolers are becoming a less efficient choice.


"After 11 it started getting really hot around 5 I couldn't even stand warming up a tortilla. No way," said Rodriguez.

Times Refrigeration said 20-25 percent of El Pasoans have this kind of cooling system.

"It’s not a luxury anymore. It's a necessity that we need now," said Owner Manny Sanchez.

It’s so much of a necessity that there is one area zip code that are receiving incentives to make the switch.

"Its 79902 that they have that area code where they have an incentive to change out from existing refrigerated units that are old that use a lot more power than the new ones now," said Sanchez

Spokesperson for El Paso Electric, Eddie Gutierrez said if you are thinking of the upgrade, there is something they hope you do first.

"It’s more about making sure our equipment particularly our transformers match the capacity in that region,” Gutierrez said.“So bottom line it’s certainly an issue and we certainly would appreciate a call just to making sure we have that available."

Gutierrez said it's not the capacity that is the issue, rather the transformer connected to people’s home that should be evaluated and reviewed in the event anyone makes an upgrade.  

Sanchez said they give free estimates for those who are interested. 

They will go out to your house and tell you what kind of system is best for you. Sanchez said even if you don’t contact them for service, he strongly advices you contact the Better Business Bureau for a list of companies that will provide the service you need.

He said his and other local businesses will offer up to 15 years of warranty on your cooling system, as opposed to unlicensed businesses or contractors from out of state.

This will help prevent you get cheated out of your money.

Times Refrigeration can be contacted at 915-593-1781

El Paso Electric also said if you have any questions regarding the capacity in your area you may contact them at: 800-592-1634 or (915) 877-3400

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