Westside Sports Complex vandalized

Westside Sports Complex vandalized

POSTED: Friday, January 25, 2013 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 25, 2013 - 5:43pm

Someone took the time overnight to maliciously destroy a brand new fencing project meant to protect the kids who use the field for recreation.

The damage at the West Side Sports Complex close to $3000 to fix, according to City Parks and Recreation officials.Construction crews worked quickly to repair forty two damaged fence posts vandalized overnight. These same workers were just there Thursday, installing the posts in the first place as part of a fencing project meant to protect the kids from running after a soccer ball into street traffic.

The concrete hadn't even dried when someone overnight deliberately pulled the posts out of the ground. Whoever did it also left their initials written in the wet concrete.
When city employees noticed twenty two of those posts missing they realized this was no accident.

"It's kinda disappointing because we're trying to protect the kids that play here, protect the field, the investment for the city. Make a safe playing area and we're trying to get it done in a timely manner so it doesn't really impact the players that are here," said Paula Powell with City Parks and Recreation.

The field is relatively new, and has been around for five years when the city decided it needed to be fenced in. Powell she has no idea why anyone would want to prevent that.

Powell says they will have someone guarding the fence posts overnight just to make sure no one can do this again.

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