West Mayor: 35 among dead after explosion

West Mayor: 35 among dead after explosion
MGN Online
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 7:52pm

West Mayor Tommy Muska said Thursday, as many as 35 are believed dead after the fertilizer plant Wednesday night.

More than 160 are injured.

A fire sparked the explosion of anhydrous ammonia at the plant in West, a town just north of Waco. West covers only 1.6 square miles.

"This tragedy has most likely hit every family," said Texas Governor Rick Perry. "Touched practically everyone in that town".

The explosion was unlike anything most in the town had ever experienced.

"Like a bomb and it like picked you up, took your breath away and then it dropped you and exploded everything around you," said one West resident.

The shock didn't dissipate quickly, but they sprung into action anyway, many helping out despite their own injuries.

"Trying to do the best I can," said George Smith, West EMS Director. "Of course, they're trying to sit me down because I'm bleeding, but I said I got a job to do. There's people hurt more than me".

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