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West El Paso woman fears her apartment will crumble

West El Paso woman fears her apartment will crumble

POSTED: Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 24, 2013 - 11:20am

Hilda Mejias wants Las Lomas Apartment Complex managers to take action

A West El Paso woman fears for her safety in her own home. Hilda Mejias says it all started earlier this year when she noticed a few cracks along the foundation of her home and now it's gotten much worse.

She came to us to share her message and to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Hilda Mejias' apartment is literally sinking. Her doors aren't secure and she's been too afraid to live in her own home for the past few months. "I've been telling them, how do you expect me to pay full rent? You know, if I'm not even living here under these conditions?," Hilda Mejias explained to us in Spanish.

She says she has tried to get answers from the managers at Las Lomas apartment complex in West El Paso. "Last Saturday I spoke with the administrator to ask what the status was. They told me they didn't have time to see me and that they would send me an email," she said.

When our cameras were there crews came into the home for repairs. They initially came to repair the tiles but when they saw the crack literally dividing the apartment in two, they told her to see management. Hilda says she's been trying to get management's attention since it first began.

"I'm very scared that this thing is going to collapse," she told us.

Ledic Management Group owns the property and they say the apartments are safe to live in.

"It's unfortunate that it causes an inconvenience for people but unfortunately this is part of the process," Rich Silverstein, a manager with the company said.

Hilda wants a solution and she wants her money back. So far, managers have given her a 50-percent discount. They claim, this is a generous gesture, "Because in addition to all the money we're using improving the property, it's hard for us to take a hit on collecting money as well. So we do the best that we can," Silverstein explained.

But that's not enough for Hilda who hasn't stepped foot into her own home for months.

"Just take a look around, why would I want to rent in this condition?," Mejias exclaimed.

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I live in the same apartments and the new administration is awful! They just care about collecting money. Daisy (the manager) is so rude and has no idea about running a place like that. Maintenance takes weeks before they can answer. Does anybody knows where can we complain? We pay rent and should have some kind of rights.

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