West El Paso neighborhood sees flooding and damage to homes, businesses

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 7:11am

A sudden downpour on Tuesday evening turned I-10 into a river -- bringing traffic to a near standstill in West El Paso near Sunland Park.

Some parts of the city didn't even see a drop of rain -- but those that did saw flooding in the streets and damage to homes and businesses.

The wild weather came sweeping through the Borderland and some neighborhoods in West El Paso were hit the hardest.

"There was a bunch of rain falling all at once, a bunch of hail, graniso. It was just coming down really hard," said Amy Healey.

"Within minutes, it started getting flooded... We're always the ones who get flooded. Always," said Gina Slaughter.

While some cars plowed through the murky waters, Tuesday afternoon's rainstorm stopped others dead in their tracks -- El Paso Fire Department units even came out to help.

"We don't want to take the risk of moving the car just for it to get stranded, you know?" said Healey.

Most residents in the neighborhood said they're used to the flooding rain - one family even stood outside in knee-deep waters, waving at our cameras.

But business owners cringed at the water damage, and one auto shop owner said he dreads the clean-up.

"You could see you know, we're already flooded in there also. So we're just going to have to probably clean tomorrow. Clean all day. We'll probably be open for just cleaning," said Mike Zubia.

The downpour didn't spare Rosa's Cantina either - like the others, the famous El Paso bar fell victim to the heavy rain.

NewsChannel 9 spoke with El Pasoans who said it was all an inconvenience, to say the least.

"Since we been here a year, living here, this is the first time we've seen this. But, like I was telling my landlord, has this ever happened before, he said back in 2006 it happened," said Healey.

"It started coming in to all the rooms. It stopped in the kitchen. So far, we've got it under control to where it's in the kitchen," said Slaughter.

Residents told NewsChannel 9 they're frustrated with the city for not turning on the water pumps. They said they expect this type of flooding and damage every time it rains.

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