Water well goes down for second time this week

Water well goes down for second time this week
Friday, June 21, 2013 - 8:58am

The Camino Real Regional Utility Authority was trying to fix a well that went down Thursday. The communities of Sunland Park and Santa Teresa could once again be without water.

This is the second time the water well shut down in just a few days and residents said it's a big inconvenience.
"I am concerned that we will run out of water," said resident Jesse Hernandez.

Hernandez lives in Sunland Park with his family. He said they have been making an extra effort to conserve water since the well first went down earlier this week.

"Just try not to leave faucets running, making sure that when we're in the shower and not take too long," said Hernandez.

He said his family has noticed low water pressure and a change in the color of the water.

"I wouldn't want my little brother or sister getting sick from it and ending up in the hospital," said Hernandez.

Miguel Borrego who also lives in Sunland Park has seen the same thing.

"The water is coming out brown and when I try showering, it comes out brown," said Borrego.

Strong winds caused a power outage in the area Thursday and when the power came back on, the well didn't resume pumping.

Crews were working on it and said could be repaired as early as Friday.

Hernandez said if this keeps happening it could be bad for his family, if they have to do things like go to laundry mats and use disposable utensils.

"Coming from Sunland, we don't always have a surplus of money so it would be a hard hit using so much more money," said Hernandez.

Residents who get their water through The Camino Real Regional Utility Authority are once again advised to immediately begin conserving water until the system is working properly.

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