Water Shortages Now an Issue in El Paso


POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Sunday, February 6, 2011 - 8:43pm

EL PASO – First, El Pasoans were told they'd have limited or no access to electricity or gas because of frigid temperatures. Now, water shortages may be an issue.

El Paso Water Utilities said it's been participating in rolling blackouts to conserve electricity. As a result, several main breaks have occurred, and many reservoirs are dangerously low, so they are asking people to conserve water.

The water company does not know how many customers have been affected by water outages or pipes that are frozen or leaking, but said a number of factors have contributed to the problem.

“With the freezing temperatures, a lot of the pipes...on private property...El Paso Water Utilities does not respond to their homes. A lot of those pipes are freezing and now they're beginning to thaw out and those are causing leaks...those things are all leading to problems...that's why they are asking people to conserve water,” said Christina Montoya, a spokesperson with the water company.

For people who live in homes experiencing water outages or leaks, the utility company is urging those to boil water before drinking it, because it could be contaminated.

“It's not definite, but it is a possibility that some of the water may have been contaminated when there's low pressure in the pipes, there's a chance that contaminants from the soil and other outdoor elements can get into the pipes,” said Montoya.

El Paso Water Utilities could not verify how long the leaks or water outages will continue.

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my son and i have not had water in three days also they told me it might not be till after Monday this is ridiculous ...... so what do we do till then ? i bet they have water and are at home comfortable.....BS

So who is paying for all the medical expenses when my kids get sick due to the feces that is not flushing because of no water? Who should we sue? The water company or the City?

i am afraid it is an act of God, so there is nobody to sue. Besides if you sue the city, that means that the taxpayer has to pay. Well, it is not my fault you have no water, so why should I pay? If you sue the water company, then they will raise their rates and I have to pay also. Again, not fair since it is not my fault. Some things in life fall under tough luck, and we just have to act like a man and take it.

man...what else could go wrong?

Called them this morning and was told even though we haven't had water in three days, "It's not an emergency." I would like for some of them with kids and families them that its not an emergency.

thanks for sharing

Thanks...good to know

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