Water Restrictions Lifted, but Not Everyone Has Water

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 5:10pm

EL PASO – Water restrictions were lifted Monday night at 10 p.m., yet not everyone has access to water today.

Beate Burdett, who lives on N. Stanton, hasn't had water for days.

“Not a drop of water since Thursday...that's...day six now,” said Burdett.

Despite the number of residents still suffering water outages, El Paso Water Utilities said service has been restored, and crews will continue to respond to problem areas.

“Our goal was to basically get those reservoirs filled up to an adequate level so that we can get water to those meters, but from the meter to the property that becomes the responsibility of the property owner,” said spokeswoman Christina Montoya.

If the pipes on your property are damaged, there's nothing the water company can do. Those with major property damage are urged to contact their insurance company. The utility said some folks without water may simply need to turn their valves back on.

“They need to go back out and turn their valve back on...if they can't do that...if they need assistance, then they are urged to call our customer service department,” said Montoya.

If you've had leaking pipes, the water company said they have a leak-adjustment program to work out costs with customers.

“When they do get their bill...they should go ahead and contact our customer service department and they can find out how to apply for this leak adjustment,” said Montoya.

Meantime, the boil water alert is still in effect. El Paso Water Utilities maintains they have been testing water citywide for contaminants, and that the water quality is fine. They said the alert is a precautionary measure, and they are awaiting final test results from low water pressure, before they lift the notice.

That may not be soon enough for Burdett, who has been relying on bottled water to take sponge baths.
Burdett said the city and utility companies have not dealt with the situation adequately, and should be held accountable.

“At this point I'm...at a loss, I am not sure what to do...I think the anger comes at a higher level of not being prepared, not taking ownership or responsibility,” said Burdett.

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