Water Main Breaks: What's Going On?

Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 4:00pm

EL PASO - Two water main breaks, including one that flooded a local street yesterday, should now be fixed, according to El Paso Water Utilities.

The massive break happened in the 100 block of Rosewood, and turned the street into a River. Neighbors told us it was the second time the line broke, leaving them with no useable water.

The second water main break happened in the 4900 block of Hondo Pass and left water gushing out near businesses. No water customers here were affected because the line that broke supplies water to fire hydrants.

We asked El Paso Water Utilities why there have been so many water main breaks lately, and they blamed the problem on aging pipes.

"Our infrastructure, obviously some of it, is older and we try to replace it as we can, but water main breaks will happen," El Paso Water Utilities Spokeswoman Christina Montoya said.

Montoya says crews responded quickly to both breaks, and they should now be fixed.

She also says El Paso has a low instance of water main breaks compared to other cities.

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