Water Emergency Declared by Mayor of El Paso

Water Emergency Declared by Mayor of El Paso

POSTED: Sunday, February 6, 2011 - 3:43pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 1:39pm

EL PASO— The Mayor of El Paso has declared a water emergency after the recent weather left damage across the Sun City.

The water emergency, under the city's drought and water emergency code, declared by Mayor John Cook allows the El Paso Water Utilities to enforce mandatory water restrictions that are currently in effect.

EPWU has said that if car washes, laundromats, and industrial users do not follow these rules, their water supply will be shut off. The mandatory water restrictions will be in effect until further notice. E

EPWU is also asking the public to not wash their cars, use dishwashers, clothes washing machines, shower, or use anything else that will use large amounts of water. EPWU said the only exception is water used for public safety purposes like hospitals and other emergency medical facilities.

EPWU also advised for the entire city to boil water before consumption. The low water levels in the reservoirs and broken pipes on private properties can lead to possible contamination in the water supply.

The water emergency by Mayor Cook is due to the rolling blackouts, freezing temperatures that caused damage to facilities and lines, and pipe leaks throughout the city. Reservoir levels are also low, and equipment is being repaired.


Press Release by Mayor Cook:

February 6, 2011

EL PASO – Water Emergency Declaration by Mayor Cook

The rolling blackouts in which the EPWU participated to assist El Paso Electric and the extreme low temperatures the region experienced have seriously depleted water levels in the system’s reservoirs. I am, therefore, declaring a water emergency due to these factors. In accordance with Municipal Code section 15.13.120, the El Paso Water Utilities is authorized to implement additional restrictions on the use of water from the City’s water supply system. Ed Archuleta, President and Chief Executive Officer of the El Paso Water Utilities is authorized to impose additional restrictions on the use of water until reservoir levels are adequate.



John F. Cook, Mayor
City of El Paso

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People who are indignant about the mayor being out of town should be ashamed of themselves. The public was kept well-informed by the electric and water utilities' representatives and by the competent Lady Joyce (?), the mayor's spokesperson. They made appearances on the local TV news and were readily available each and every day. The mayor was in close touch with these people and nothing whatsoever would have been handled differently. We are lucky to this man serving in this position.

Thank God. Someone appreciates all he has done for the citizens of El Paso and his dedication to the impoverished. You are lucky to have such an honest man as your mayor.

So if you had a child and somehow you had to leave out of town. You leave your child with a family member. If something serious happens to your child. Are you going to say "It's ok. My family member is handling it. I'm not going home". I don't think you are. You would go back home as fast as you could to be with your child and attend to him/her. That is what the mayor should of done. Come home...

The Utility Companies are to blame for not being prepared for these disasters. The Mayor is not a plumber or an electrician! He was available at all times by phone. If he had been in El Paso,he could have held the hands of those whinning people (who were probably "F" and "D" students in school) and whose water pipes probably burst because they did not have enough sense to prepare for this disaster. Before we have another freeze, hopefully the utility companies correct their short comings.

Major Cook should step down! he abandoned his constituants during a crisis, was on vacation!
Sounds like Bush during the first few days of Katrina!
Las Cruces got even colder than us, yet their problems were fixed in ONE day!
Resign Cook and get a plumber's license,you sorry excuse for a Mayor! Go live in Austin!

The Mayor did not leave on a vacation. He left on family BUSINESS. When the Mayor's parents died he never missed a beat, didn't take a day off. He is dedicated to the people of El Paso. You need to understand frozen pipes & such in El Paso were due to poor construction & lack of information on preventing such personal disaster. Across the Nation people are dealing they aren't hounding the Mayor about their plumbing. What would have changed if he came home? IDIOT U go live in Austin.

The mayor left on vacation knowing that a major storm was headed to El Paso.. Did he return? No, what for, he's not a plumber... Sweet..

Is necesary to call at 1:46am to say to boil watter???
There are other way and other hours to call for that

The city has done a pitiful job in preparing for something like this. The Mayor was elected on promises of water conservation and someone else was NOT elected when he said "anything and everything to get water here." What now? We are having a crisis.

this town blows... budget shortfalls and utility ineptitude... pet projects get funding while we lose police officers... fire joyce wilson and all those overpaid a-holes that have run this town into the ground while they collect their six figure salaries for doing terrible work.

Um there is no way I'm walking around EP smelling like a sewage like half of the EP population. For some people, the no shower rule doesn't effect them in the least. As for me, I'm use to showering everyday, and I will continue to do so.

First of all, I'm pretty sure you ment "like a savage." Second of all, It's not going to matter whether or not you have B.O. when you're dying from dehydration. Finally, I am not a savage, and I respected the request to use water conservatively during the recent time of crisis. So did hundreds of thousands of other people whom you just insulted. I took a sponge bath, and I managed to wash my hair using very little water. Think before you open your mouth and show the world how ignorant you are.

El Paso is not used to this weather, hopefully it was a lesson learned for all of us. People please stop complaining, you wont solve anything by doing so.

I will agree with you, as this is VERY TRUE!

El Paso is NOT Chicago or any (northern) city that is used to yearly (severe) winters which copes with it, and this years weather (for us) was unusual to say the least.

So, I can't blame El Paso completely, as they were *just* overwhelmed.

However, it occurred, so now El Paso learns from what happened, and hopefully will have a plan in the event that this occurs again.

everyone says they should have planned for the cold weather. How can you prepare all of the pipes in a city this big for cold weather. I'm sure the pipes aren't burried that deep since it never gets that cold here. There was nothing anyone could have done to prevent the pipes from bursting. It happens in cold states every winter and they don't cry about it.It's not going to go on forever. Do your part to conserve so it gets fixed faster.

people people please...what do you expect when a city has exposed above ground water mains combined with artic sub zero weather. this shows a defect in the infrastructure in water ultilities. none of you started to scream until after the factor. preventive maintenence and serious investment in ultilities ahead of time would of decreased the risk of the event that just happened. when it comes to constuction...you can't underestimate the severe results from weather.

For those of you complaining for water shortages, remember that you live in the middle of a desert, one of the driest in the world (The Sahara Desert averages 10 inches per year, El Paso averages 8 inches per year, even though not even close for the past few years) so be grateful you have water at all and stop being wusses!

My parents and sister live in Ft Myers Florida and don't have this many problems when a hurricane hits! Bunch of losers in our govt and utilities boards. FIRE THEM ALL! And if i have to look at Wilson on TV anymore I'll be buying a new tv after i throw a brick at this one! Get em out! The taxes and water fees we pay out here are ridiculous!

Just curious: is El Paso the only city whose water supply has been affected by the freezing temperatures this past week? What about Las Cruces? If the water is flowing in New Mexico, it must be that something is seriously wrong here and that the problem isn't just the weather.

El Paso SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

hey cook your're done. get rid of archuleta, hire someone at 1/3 the salery and get the job done properly

I don't know if anybody knows this but the toilet uses the most amount water among household objects. Having the shower on all day doesn't even come close to a few flushes. So do they want us to hold it in, or go outside? This is wonderful... next term im running for office.

Everyone should turn there water on and let it run until Ed Archuleta is FIRIED! He has been on the Golden Pay plan with the city of El Paso for to long! He is the highest paid water manager in the State of Texas! El Paso wake up and quit being taken advantage of! TURN YOUR WATER ON!

Wow, you're just really stupid. Deliberately wasting water to prove your insignificant, ignorant point just shows how stupid most of the EP population is. I'm guessing you dropped out of H.S., maybe have a GED, and didn't attend college. Like most of the citizens here in EP.

Ms. Santos,
If everyone here is so stupid, and you hate El Paso so much, why don't you leave? Your hatred for El Pasoans is not going to make us any smarter, or smell any better. By the way, your grammar slurs, misspellings, and sentence fragments aren't convincing anyone that you are so much more educated than we savages are. Gee, I'm guessing you're a gum-chewing, twenty-something with bleached hair, faux finger nails and in a lot of debt.

You're one to talk.

sorry, but make sure your spelling is correct before insulting anyone else.
i do agree though on your commment.

That's really smart! Screw ourselves to prove a point! Real good... Without water but it's ok as long as archuleta is out! Really? Maybe a better idea would be to protest once we can establish that our asses are in the clear!

Third world country, most of you don't even know nothing about that, you still have a computer, a cell phone, a car, clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, food on your fridge or pantry, and here you are JUST COMPLAINING about something this small. Is not an every day thing that happens here in this city. El Paso can handle hot weather but we have NOT had this kind of temperature in 30 years of living here, now if we get the heat that Phoenix gets than yeah El Paso would be a mess too.

Laundromat on Dyer and Maxwell was open yesterday and Today Sunday their parking lot was full with customers.

Like I stated before, Mayor Cook is on the EPWU board and should have done something to prevent this from happening. The board should have made sure the city was properly prepared. They did not do thheir job and Cook especially needs to be kicked out of office. It's called LEADERSHIP, Mayor Cook, in which you obviously are sadly lacking.

why do you never actually post the comments?

Sorry El Paso but I am not going to work without a shower. This is a third world country.

It's not a third world country (yet). It's a "sister city" of a third world city.

if you want premium salaries, do a premium job. if you want el chuco services like we got in the crisis, then you get el chuco wages.

finally the mayor barely does something! the city is as much to blame as the utilities companies. mayor hides behind the manager who also did nothing. while the elderly and ill and babies went without, their warm butts made excuses and "asked" for profit businesses to help. ask? use martial law, turn off the star, hold utilities accountable, send out guard to help, even new mexico gov and mayor are actively helping and demanding answers. but in the pueblo, nothing useful.

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