Warning New Mexicans About Fire Dangers

Warning New Mexicans About Fire Dangers
Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 6:07pm

As the fall and winter holidays approach and more New Mexicans plan vacations or hunting trips close to home, Federal and State Fire Agencies are urging caution about fire danger across many parts of the state.

For Campers, Hunters and Drivers:

•           If you do not need a fire, do not build one.
•           Use established campfire rings when available.
•           Make sure campfires are away from overhanging branches, steep slopes & leaves.
•           Keep water and a shovel near the campfire.
•           Douse campfire with water and stir one hour before leaving.
•           Make sure the fire is cool to the touch before leaving the area-even if you are leaving for a short hike.
•           Children should always be supervised by adults whenever there is a campfire.
•           Dispose of smoking materials properly and only smoke in approved areas.
•           While driving, avoid pulling over into areas with tall grass. Hot catalytic converters or exhaust particles
can ignite grasses along the roadway.
•           If pulling a trailer, make sure chains are not dragging along the pavement as the sparks can fly and start a fire. 


For Landowners:

•           Thin trees and brush near structures.
•           Remove weeds and mow dry grasses.
•           Clear twig and leaf litter from roofs and gutters.
•           Stack fuelwood well away from structures.
•           Surround structures with drought and fire-resistant or irrigated landscape.
•           Have a plan for evacuation


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