WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dog owners react to local dogfight video


POSTED: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 12:55am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 3:56pm

WARNING: The video attached to this story is graphic and could be disturbing to some viewers.

Videos of dogfights have surfaced online for years, but the number of reported incidents has declined in Louisiana over recent years. However, one has recently surfaced and officials hope this is not a sign that dogfights are back on the rise.

"It’s certainly not going be tolerated,” Lieutenant Doug Cain, Louisiana State Police, said. “It's a despicable crime and we're going to enforce it aggressively and proactively.”

Owners of pit bulls are also outraged with the graphic video posted on a Facebook account.

“It’s just sick man,” Gabe David, a Baton Rouge resident and owner of 6 pit bulls, said. “It’s sad that people get entertainment from this. I’m just kind of speechless."

David told NBC33 News he's heard of dog fighting videos, but he hasn't seen any this graphic shot so close to home. He said not only is it cruel, but it doesn't improve the reputation of big dogs or they're owners.

“I think it gives the dog a bad name, not necessarily the owner,” he said. “I’m just disappointed, not necessarily angry. It’s just pretty sick that people are going to do it. It's unspeakable that people do this for entertainment and harm animals.”

NBC33 News brought the video to the Louisiana State Police and they are currently working with other agencies to determine its origins. Lt. Cain did note that he has not had an investigation of this type in some time and that he finds it disturbing.

“One is one too many. When you see a video of dogs fighting to the death, it's unspeakable,” he said.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office is also investigating the video because the Facebook user who posted the video listed that he lives in Lafayette. However, detectives say they have nothing connecting him to the area.

“We’re only saying that he has no connection to the Lafayette area at this time,” Cpt. Kip Judice, Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, said. “We have nothing tangible to connect him here at this time. We have found some records and documents that point to him living in the Amite area.”

The poster also indicated that he is a student in Baton Rouge.

“He could say he lives wherever on Facebook,” Cpt. Judice said. “Anyone can create an account and say whatever they want.”

Although tracking down the exact location of the poster may present a challenge, it’s not the only information investigators will have to learn before an arrest can be made.

“It’s not just the who, it’s the when,” Cpt. Judice added. “A big problem is going to be determining when it was posted. There is a statue of limitations on this type of crime. Just because it was posted yesterday, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t recorded four years ago.”

All of the complications in this case have pit bull owners like David wanting answers, too.

“Anybody who has pit bulls, it’s just a realization, I think, that any dog can be used for the wrong reason.”

That's what police are trying to do in this case, before it happens again.

If you know anything about this incident call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP (7867). You can also text your tip to CRIMES (274637). Include CS225 at the beginning of your message.

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