Walgreens Cleans Up El Paso


POSTED: Sunday, February 13, 2011 - 5:01pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 14, 2011 - 6:27pm

EL PASO - Today Walgreens kicked off a year-long commitment to help keep El Paso beautiful.

The nationwide pharmacy partnered up with local organizations to clean up Scenic Drive.

Volunteers spent the morning picking up beer cans, fast food bags, cigarettes and glass bottles from the road. In all, we're told 50 to 60 bags of trash were collected.

Walgreens announced that they plan to help clean up El Paso every month this year.

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Good luck Walgreens...that is a task keeping El Paso clean. Well maybe you could start by sending all the NON US CITIZENS BACK OVER THE BORDER!

The A has been on the mountain for years, you must be new to El Paso.

They don't look cheesy. You must be from "away"...that is to say, you must not be a native El Pasoan or, for that matter, a Texan. The only thing that looks "cheesy" about the letters on the mountain is that people like you, in the past, have attempted to have them removed. But they didn't finish the job and now it looks bad. Note: The "A" for Austin continues to be carefully maintained. How is it that Austin was exempt from removing their letter from the mountain?

This is a worth while project... El Paso would do good by getting rid of the High School Letters on the mountains. It just looks so cheesy... it's time for them to go and help El Paso look better.

You talkin' to me? Are you doing anything about making this city look better or are you just an armchair quarterback with nothing better to do but to criticize others for doing something positive?

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