Wal-Mart commits another $100K to 'El Pasoans Fighting Hunger'

Wal-Mart commits another $100K to 'El Pasoans Fighting Hunger'

POSTED: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:45am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:46am

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger announced that the Walmart Foundation committed $100,000 of funding to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank since 2012.

On Wednesday, the Walmart Foundation will presented a $100,000 charitable donation to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank now totaling $200,000 of support in less than one year. 

“We are so grateful for the Walmart Foundation’s commitment to our efforts to fight hunger in El Paso,” said Tanny Berg, President of the Board of Directors for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. “The food bank works to meet the needs of El Pasoans struggling with food insecurity each day.”

Members of the food bak said, with the economic climate, many families’ situations have changed over the past few years. Underemployment is too common - working adults may have been laid off and had to take a lower paying job, or one of the two adults in a household lost their job and the total income then decreased by over 50%.

According to members from the food bank, more than one in four people in El Paso County are food-insecure with over 135,000 of those being children and 85,000 being adults and senior citizens. The Agriculture Department defines food insecurity as lacking consistent access to enough nutritious food for an active, healthy lifestyle. Any degree of food insecurity can lead to chronic hunger and malnutrition.

“Too many El Pasoans are facing the harsh reality of hunger,” said Kimberly Johnstun, Walmart Market Manager. “Walmart is proud to assist El Pasoans Fighting Hunger in their mission to end hunger in El Paso.”

“Inadequately nourished children are apt to have learning problems and more illnesses while adults who are hungry are less productive, making it difficult to find and keep a job or care for children,” John Schwarting, Executive Director for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, explained. “Support from the Walmart Foundation allows us to continue to make a difference in our community.”

“Walmart’s philosophy is to invest in the communities in which it has a retail presence. Walmart understands the large need here in El Paso and has actively sought ways in which the company can help not only the food bank, but other charitable entities in the El Paso area ,” Kelly Duhr, Walmart’s Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations.

For more information concerning the Food Bank and how you can help, visit www.elpasoansfightinghunger.org or call 915-595-1060.


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