Voters will decide on constitutional amendments

Voters will decide on constitutional amendments

POSTED: Friday, November 1, 2013 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 2, 2013 - 4:23pm

El Paso residents will vote on 9 constitutional state amendments next Tuesday. Early voting ended today but authorities are encouraging everyone to participate in the general election.

There are 9 different possible changes in Tuesday’s election that could impact our region in many ways including veterans, home owners and even public servants.

State voters will get a chance to weigh on several changes to the Texas constitution, among them tax exemption benefits for disabled veterans and surviving spouses of those killed in action.

Proposition 6 includes the creation of a state water fund to help communities cope with the ongoing drought, severe sanctions for judges found guilty of wrongdoing.

"These constitutional amendments are laws that are set no only for the county of El Paso but for the whole state of Texas and some of these laws will affect us one way or the other just like proposition six for the water it's very important that people go out and that they cast their ballot," county elections administrator Javier Chacon said.

But the state propositions aren't the only items on the ballot.

San Elizario's incorporation will also be voted on; long time San Eli resident Molly Leyva said she's optimistic about incorporating in to a city.

"I want San Eli to be its own little city, I've been living here around 35 years and it's always been like this and I can't see being taken over by Socorro we don't need higher taxes we don't need anything like that I think San Eli can run itself," Leyva said.

Voters will also elect a new mayor and several aldermen in Horizon City and council representatives in Socorro.

"Besides the amendments we do have other entities that are conducting their elections as well every election is important to us to make sure that hopefully all the voters feel the same way it's their right to go out and vote and hope they exercise it," Chacon added.

According to Chacon voters should also be aware of the new voter id law however so far voter turnout is up from two years ago.

"It's been cooperative between the voter and our staff to make sure their properly showing their photo I.D. so I really want to thank the voters of El Paso for being patient with us and being patient with the new law," Chacon concluded.

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