Violence Continues In Gaza

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 6:27pm

Egypt's Prime Minister visited the Gaza Strip today and many people hoped his trip would bring a stop to the violence in the area. Unfortunately, the attacks continued and now, fears of an Israeli ground invasion in Gaza are mounting.

Heavy fighting erupted between Israelis and Palestinians on Wednesday, after an Israeli airstrike killed a powerful Hamas military commander. Hamas retaliated by releasing a barrage of missile attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial capital. Israel says their attack on the Hamas leader was in response to the consistent and heavy rocket fire from Gaza in recent months. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to protect Israel against attacks from Gaza.

These attacks mark the biggest escalation between Israel and Gaza militants since the 2008-2009 conflict.

Israel pounded Gaza with ferocious airstrikes all night Thursday into Friday morning. They've also mobilized thousands of troops on the ground along the border with the Gaza Strip, signaling that a ground invasion may be near.

The death toll continues to rise in Gaza with at least 20 people dead, that's according to Palestinian health officials. The humanitarian situation also continues to worsen as it is becoming increasingly difficult to get supplies in and out of the area. Many fear Israel and Palestine are on the brink of a major battle.

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