Vinton Residents React to Council Members' Accusations of Financial Wrongdoing

Vinton Residents React to Council Members' Accusations of Financial Wrongdoing

POSTED: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 5:23pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 5:24pm

The Village of Vinton's city council meeting got heated when residents reacted to one council member accusing another of taking unapproved business trips using taxpayer money.

"Where is your example ma'am of items that have been allegedly misappropriated by this council in their accounts payable?" said an angry Vinton resident.

Residents in the Village of Vinton community are not happy with Mayor Pro Tem Ontiveros. A few of them spoke about their frustrations at Tuesday's city council meeting.

"We haven't see em. Like she said where are the receipts, let's see the receipts. Bring em up to us. Bring them up to council. We have not seen anything," said another resident in reference to Ontiveros' accusations of misappropriation of funds by city council.

Two of the items on the agenda centered around accusations that certain staff and elected officials use the city's money to pay for unapproved trips and other expenses. Some of the members filed a lawsuit months ago.

" Ms. Ontiveros took the administration to court for the budget. The judge ordered them if they wanted to do something they needed to amend the budget. They have never done it," said Vinton Village Mayor Praino.

Mayor Pro Tem Ontiveros also wanted to pass a motion that would require city council to approve the monthly accounts payable in city council meetings. Ontiveros says tens of thousands of dollars are being used for unapproved expenses.

"When you're just taking off without anyone knowing the purpose. How will it serve the village? That to me and also the constituents should also be aware," said Ontiveros.

The city attorney thought this would be overstepping city council's normal duties and the mayor agreed its repetitive.

" It's a waste of time to come here again with a trip that had been approved here," said Mayor Praino as she waived the budget document in her hand.

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