Villegas: I Was Threatened With Rape And Torture


POSTED: Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 10:50am

UPDATED: Saturday, September 17, 2011 - 6:28am

EL PASO- As Daniel Villegas took to the witness stand, he testified that he was threatened with rape and torture by Detective Marquez. 

Villegas recounted what happened when Detective Alfonso Marquez first arrived to his home in April of 1993. Villegas testified that Marquez hit him over the head repeatedly for hours. Villegas said that he only agreed to what Marquez wrote in the statement because he became "mentally paralyzed."

Villegas claims he was lead to believe that if he didn't sign the statement, Marquez was going to drive him to the desert, beat him up, force him to walk back to the freeway, then be taken to the adult jail to be raped. Court documents show that Villegas recanted his confession a few hours after signing it.

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Criminally liable????? So all of a sudden just because this guy says that he was threatened into giving a confession we have to believe him just because its on the news come on people get with the program JUST because something is on the news doesn't make true.... am not saying it did or didn't happen we weren't there but I don't just believe EVERYTHING that comes up on televison!!!! and Vago how was it that you came up with your stats... just out of thin air??????

I was wrongfully convicted myself, and also coerced into confessing, noow i am a practiing attorney, so it happens. So you say that just because it's in the news you shouldn't believe him? So just because it is, on the news that a prosecutor says someone committed a crime, you shouldn't believe him? I am willing to bet, you believe prosecutors, when the say somone committed a crime, because it was on the news.
25 % of all wrongful convictions are a result of coerced false confessions.

I think that for the most part most cops in El Paso are honest/decent people-I would estimate about 82 percent. Of the remainder I think about 15 percent are "power hungry", while about three percent are true criminals who have knowingly done "bad" things and we the citizens might never know untill they get caught what they have done. This story about being pressured to confess should not really surprise anyone, it could of been done by just a "power hungry" cop if not a "bad" one.

Can Detective Marquez be held criminally liable?

Why do police officers never record interviews with "suspects" in any pending investigation? If they do record conversations, then why are they never released to the public in general? This would be the perfect example of when to use a videotaped interview... Although I think that the majority of COPS are decent people (I think 82 percent) the rest are 15 percent POWER HUNGRY and about 3 percent knowingly have committed many a dishonest act or acts that we night never know about

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