Video of violent teenagers goes viral


POSTED: Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 7:29pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 6:08pm

A video of two students violently beating each other on Socorro High School grounds has gone viral and now Socorro Independent School District's administration is looking for the culprits.

The video shows clearly two Socorro High School girls violently hitting each other and a group of girls surrounding them and encouraging them. A concerned parent on News Channel Nine's Facebook page brought it to our attention.
The the Socorro Independent School District's spokesman had this to say:

"Anytime we see students engaged in behavior that may impact their safety and security on campus, it's something that we definitely always take action on immediately. It's something we never care to see," said Daniel Escobar.

Apparently this has happened before district wide.

"I think that all school districts have had situations where students at one point or another have gone ahead and either have been in actual fight or orchestrated something that simulates the fight club mentality and they do go ahead and put it up on YouTube," said Ysleta Independent School District Spokesman Patricia Ayala.

Some schools block online access and social media during school hours, but after hours it's harder to monitor students.
News channel Nine asked our Facebook fans what they thought:

"This is crazy. I have my kids' passwords to their Facebook and email. I monitor like a hawk," wrote Shania Windom.

"It is upsetting that some people have become so voyeuristic that they intentionally look for negative things/events to record in order to post up on social media to get a reaction," wrote Sonny Franco.

"This is nuts. What is wrong with these girls? Schools should monitor the social media," wrote Carol Gaussin.

Escobar said the school is investigating.

"There are consequences to this type of behavior, not only those involved in the altercation but also those that are posting things like this that become a distraction on campus," said Escobar.


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the use of media like Facebook isnt allowed during instructional time people just go out of their way to get things like these video up in the social media. and nothing will change bann school fights, the students set up the fights, it isnt like the students want school staff knowing about them fighting, also with or without cellphones fights will continue, but hey why not be able to see the fight later on

i agree! no social sites during instructional time. it is becasuse of the kids that influence others to act upon a different way. we have to come up with a system that will banish school fights not only in socorro highschool but state wide. it is time that we prepare the future and to do thath we must first take action on this forbidden sence of antisipation. word out im 18 and go to shs....

cont...There was a time that student''s went to school and didn't have access to a cell phone, iPad/iphone. I know, it must be a far-fetched concept, but most of the world's greatest accomplishments came prior to the use of these types of machines..

One of 2 things needs to be done in our schools, in ALL districts in El Paso...ban the use of social sites during all school hours. (there is NO positive use or need for Face Book during school hours;NONE!!) or allow a school official to be able to look in the students cell phone's, iPad's etc. (this will be met with opposition because of the rights to privacy from students and parents) If neither action can be done; ban the use of any type of media during school hours!!

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