Video Shows Teacher Caging Unruly Student


POSTED: Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 7:58am

UPDATED: Saturday, January 22, 2011 - 12:53am

SANTA FE, NM - A New Mexico high school teacher is apparently caught on tape locking a student in a fenced cage.

Cell phone video shows the teacher placing the freshman into the caged area with the help of several students.

Police say the student was acting out in class and the teacher decided to lock him up instead of sending him to detention.

The teacher could face child abuse and false imprisonment charges.

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Regardless of the childs behavior, false imprisonment is false imprisonment. That is not the place of the teacher, if it was your child you'd be outraged but because it's someone else's its ok? If you, yourself, were forced into a cage against your will you'd be outraged. This is why they have campus security, if a child is acting up then call security who will then contact the local police department. There is no excuse for the teachers actions.

I wish that I could help this teacher.

Validated! I believe that the teacher was just in doing this to a nuisance child.

There should be more proactive people like this teacher in the world, maybe then more children will grow to be productive members of society.

I would be interested in joining in protest of these ridiculous charges levied against this poor woman.

Please! It is time that we stand up and start supporting our teachers. I am a substitute teacher and you will be surprised what many of theses kids do. A teacher can loose her whole carrer over a punk that was disrupting her class. Please! why do you all film that portion and not the portion when students are being ugly and physical with teachers? Leave the teacher alone and let her teach in peace. Child Abuse ??? How about a law that says Teacher Abuse? Our Educational system would improve!

Put them in cages, wait till you have 3oo or so in the cages, put a uniform on these animals and send them out to the front lines in Afghanistan as cannon fodder. By the way film them while being killed in action and show it to the next generation of social misfit animals in the schools, that either the system and or the parents are responsible for. Just thinking out of the box.

Child abuse and false imprisonment charges! Give me a break, freshmen students are like wild animals; they're capable of tormenting other students to the point of committing suicide, they physically harass teachers because they know they're protected by the law, and they act like assholes in society. These kids ain't harmless li'l angels, they deserve worse when they act like this punk did. I bet his parent's are telling the media and their lawyer that he's really a sweet angel.

If anyone is being abused, it is the teacher and the students in the classroom. I think "cage" is a rather odd description for a fenced area that is many, many times larger than the student, well ventilated, and of a temperature pleasant enough that the student seems very comfortable in that environment.
It amazes me more and more that teachers continue to teach. Who among us would want to be stuck in a classroom every day with "students" who misbehave and refuse to apply themselves?

to bad kid was being a punk....

Child abuse? Really?? Thats what is wrong with our society, kids need to be held accountable, there should be consequences when they disobey or disrespect those in authority. Period.

Good! Kids are not the little angels their parents want you to believe they are. If they are being disruptive put them in a cage it will be good practice for the cages they will be in when they grow up and go to jail.

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