Victim's Father: My Daughter's Not Alone


POSTED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 4:31pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 5:48am

EL PASO - Tonight we've learned that the former El Paso County Ethics Chairman who committed suicide may have sexually assaulted more than one relative. We've also learned that the girl who says she was raped by David Chavez is keeping the baby.

"I can't stop thinking that there are not flames hot enough in hell for him."

His identity is hidden and his voice altered only to protect the identity of his daughter. She's the one who police believe was molested and raped by David Chavez.

"He chose his own way out. You talk about cowardly, what he did was cowardly because he escaped all forms of justice."

We're told Chavez began molesting the young girl, who is related to him, when she was only 9-years old. We have also learned there may be another victim, another young family member who says Chavez sexually assaulted.

"To imagine a 63-year old man doing this to a 9 and 10-year old girl horrifies me."

The young girl who says Chavez started molesting her when she was 9 years old is now 15. She's also 5 and a half months pregnant and says Chavez is the father. The young victim's dad says the pregnancy is a blessing.

"When we asked her exactly who the father was she broke down, and that's when she started piece by piece telling us what happened to her."

He says if she didn't get pregnant, Chavez would have continued to rape her without anyone knowing.

She has decided to keep the baby.

"She feels it's the right thing to do for the baby. I'm hoping that once the baby's born that the baby won't be a remembrance of everything, of all the horrible things he did."

The family is still pushing for DNA testing to verify the teenage girl's story.

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Story closed, he got caught, did not go to court to be proven innocent or guilty, for whatever reasone blew his brains away, only he knew at the moment. But If i was the victims family, id be awful pissed if he in fact violated my little girl. (whether she was a participant or not) she was still a minor. My darker side says, we are better off with him blowing himself away, saves us the tax money on a trial, and if there is a afterlife, he will burn in the hottest pits of hell.

Do any of you know any of the facts in this case? Are any of you the lead detective? Or the prosecuting attorney? No. So everyone is basing their opinion on the accusation of a troubled 15 year old?? Got love love the human race.... Bunch of idiots. Why don't you wait for the case to finish before you form your opinion. And by the way suicide is not an admission of guilt in any court room in America. No of you have any idea what this guy was going through

I may not be a lead detective or main prosecuter, but I can gaurantee one thing, if this SOB touched one of my family members, I have legal right to defend my family and make them safe. If removing him from this earth will do that,so be it. My prosecution and Jury is my 12 gauge Mossberg! I wouldnt bother reporting it cause in Texas it the rich that get freed and poor get screwed. Texas law is Guilty till proven innocent. You dont kill yourself for nothing. But I am glad he did,lesstaxes 4 me!

Mg, I must also add, I love how you brought up your 12 gauge shot gun...which means you understand that the constitution's 2nd ammedment gives you the right to bear arms. But let me get this straight you believe in the 2nd amendment but want to disregard the 5th, 6th, and 14th. That is really sharp! If we are going to ignore the constitution then let's get rid of the whole thing and please turn in your shotgun to local authorities because you would no longer have the right to own it.

Mg, wow what an intelligent reply. Acually you do not have the right to take the law into your own hands, you only have the right to use deadly force if you feel your personal life is in danger and that is a very thin line. And since Texas is in the United States of America there is this little thing called the constitution that says that every person has the right to due process of law and is innocent until proven guilty.

I would buy your arguement of Chavez committing suicide not being an admission of guilt if he was a 15 yr old girl distraught by emotions. This guy was a 63 year old man of the world. You want me to give him the benefit of the doubt that it was the weight of the world that drove him to suicide? Suicide is not an admission of guilt in a court room, but it is in the court room of public opinion. You can love the human race, that does not excuse the alleged accusations. Just ask the young girl.

Nado, well I'm sure your advanced college degree in psychology and countless hours spent with mr Chavez in counseling gives you the knowledge on why he or any person kills themselves. I'm very impressed, but however you may want to get a refund on your law degree because the court room of public of opinion is crude and incomplete which is why we have actual court rooms where the due process of law can play out. If you like the court of public opinion then I hear afaghanistan is a perfect place.

If a vasectomy was done as stated in one of the comments, just wait for the child to be born and do the DNA and all this will be put to rest. In the mean time judgment should not be passed until all the facts are in

There is more to this story than meets the eye. The DNA tests should be done among other tests on the girl. Too many unanswered questions for my taste. Yet I can't help but to think that where there is smoke, there is fire. Any secret boyfriends? Was there more than one guy involved here? Concentual sex with one and not the other? Lets see what the gum shoes find out.

Freeze his assets for his "child"

Why do u need dna testing? U actually think someone would be driven to suicide just for false allegations? Come on, that man was guilty and I hope he burns in hell for eternity

YES please procede with the DNA because how can it be that a 63 year old man who had a visectomey
since back in 1983 who had been married twice before and never again had any other children but one who he had before the operation this seems to me is false and might be God forbid but for the money which happens and has happened in cases through history so get the evidence then say he was, not now, not before conviction and thanks to all the hate we might never know! And maybe it was not suicide!

FREEZE HIS ESTATE for his soon to be born child. The child should have EVERY LAST DIME from his estate!

I wish the father of the pregnant girl had settled this like Dexter would have. The man was a coward, pedophile, and a pimple on the backside of society.

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