Victim Identified in Deadly Crash


POSTED: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 11:30am

UPDATED: Friday, April 29, 2011 - 10:15pm

UPDATE:  12:32 p.m. Police have identified the victim of a deadly crash last night as 27-year-old Veronica Ramirez. Her two-year-old child is being treated at the hospital for injuries.

The crash happened just before 8 p.m. in the 2400 block of Copia.

Police said the driver of a Ford Crown Victoria was driving South on Copia when the driver lost control and ran into a Sun Metro Bus.

Police said the car then hit a woman and child who were on the sidewalk.

The woman died at the scene and the child along with two others were taken to the hospital.

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Like his mom said he is a human. We all make mistakes, U ARE NOT PERFECT no one is! God chose to take her away, not him. and we all put her family in our prayers and hope to help them out in any way possible.nothing can take a place for a person but they will help her,they are really loving and caring family also he is also suffering from serious injuries.God chooses to do these things! He is not a degenerate. He has a loving family<3 and friends<3 they will stick with him to the end

So everyone has to look at it in both ways.Yes,speeding was a factor of this accident but u dont know y he was speeding.No one wakes up in the morning and says im going to get in a crash. If u are parents u know that u will always defend ur kid no matter what!When he does something wrong yea there is punishment like EVERY other son.Thats nothing new, but saying that they raised him wrong is just bad!u probably know richard and u know he has A BIG HEART! He never meant for ANYONE to get hurt!!!!!

The driver was 18-19 yrs of age, not 28 as rprtd. This idiot has been in and out of alternative progms - in and out of jail. His parents defend every action/trouble he gets into, and they blame everyone, I mean everyone for their child's stupidness. Parents speak to him and their other children with profanity: "Shut the F up"; "What the F are you doing"? And one wonders why tragedies like this happen. Parents are equally to blame for raising a degenerate like this into society.

For the record this idiot like you call him is my son, and no he has not been in and out of alternative as a matter of fact he never spent one day in alternative, he has been to jail, for misdeameanors and you are probably upset that yeah he has BOTH parents to defend him and he doesn't come from a broken home. Concentrate on yourself and your loved ones and stay out of other peoples' business. He is not a degenerate like you say, he is a human being like you and I. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE>

is speeding the norm now. i drive on railroad dr. and cars are driving at speeds of 70 to 80 mph. speed limit is 55mph. railroad dr. is where sundays accident happen. speeding(people) is something just waiting to happen kind of things. what's the hurry???????

I hope charges are filed against the driver soon. There can be no tolerance for speeding and wreckless drivers because this is the obvious result!

I agree! I was working at the Burger King downtown some years ago during the Christmas holiday season when a homeless man sitting by the front doors was pinned agianst the wall by an elderly man who mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake. It was awful! The homeless man was taken to the hospital spitting blood from his mouth and the elderly man after talking to police went inside without a care in the world and ordered lunch?!! the victim-homeless vet- the driver- from Juarez. ?

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