Vector Control offers tips to prevent mosquitos

Vector Control offers tips to prevent mosquitos
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 9:09pm

The area finally received some much needed rain but standing water could bring in more mosquitos.

Dona Ana County Vector Control has been controlling the mosquito population by fogging but have said the public can help by getting rid of standing water.

"If they never hatch and they don't ever get out of the water, they can't bite people," said Jess Williams, director of public information for Dona Ana County.

Vector Control has been starting their days early in the morning before sunrise because mosquitos tend to be more prevalent in the morning hours due to less wind and higher humidity.

Some mosquitos that could potentially carry the west nile virus tend to prefer enclosed containers according to vector control.

They advised flipping over trash cans that are not in use to prevent them from gathering any water.

They said mosquitos can thrive by the hundreds in as little as a cup of standing water so a clean yard will help eliminate possible breeding grounds.

Vector Control said education is also important and that's why they are reaching out to kids and teaching them about how mosquitos grow.

Through public education the hope is parents will become more aware of potential contributors to the mosquito population.

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