UTEP Students React to Possible TX Law Allowing Guns on Campus


POSTED: Monday, February 21, 2011 - 7:12pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 12:47pm

EL PASO – The state of Texas is inching towards a law that would allow guns on college campuses, and the news is not sitting well with students at the University of Texas at El Paso.

The measure has support from the state House and Senate, and even Governor Rick Perry is on board. However, some students said they were not in favor of allowing students and professors to have guns on campus.

“I don't think they should allow guns on campus to students. I think the only people that should carry firearms are campus police,” said UTEP senior, Ray Beltran.

Texas has become a battleground state on the issue of whether to allow guns on college campuses. That's partly because of the gun culture, and also its size. The state has over three dozen public universities and over 500,000 college students. Supporters of the legislation argue it's a safety issue, and that the best defense against a gunman on campus is to have students who can shoot back. However, not all UTEP students are sold on that concept.

“I wouldn't even want to come to school...because more people with guns – that's more bullets. Why would that make you feel safer?” said UTEP freshman Ludwika Solis.

Other students said allowing guns on campus can threaten the safety of students, especially if alcohol is a factor.

“Sometimes you have students in dorms. If there's alcohol involved...all these factors when they come into play...can create a much more dangerous situation,” said UTEP senior Alex Munos.

But, one student said, given the proximity of El Paso to one of the most dangerous cities in the world, packing heat, may not be such a bad idea.

“You don't know what it's coming down to nowadays, with the whole situation in Juarez and all the people being involved with cartels,” stated UTEP senior David Reyes.

Meantime, campus police was unavailable for comment.

If the law passes, Texas would be the third state, after Utah and Colorado, to allow guns on college campuses.

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Half of my interview was cut off; in part, I agreed with the idea of having guns on campus out of fear, but in reality, after second thought, what I really meant to get across was is that we need a better sense of security on campus, thus having armed security if necessary. But no guns in the hands of students; that would not be a very harmonious solution. I also thought: what is it coming down to, do we really need more guns to be safe? No, probably just more security on campus.

Students should be allowed to carry weapons on campus with proper schooling, practice and knowledge of their weapon. Virginia Tech incident could have been stopped if one individual that was schooled, trained and practiced with their weapon would have been in that class room setting.

This is one of the most boneheaded ideas to come out of Austin. Mix young immature adults, school stress, emotional stress, toss in a dose of alcohol, and you have an explosive situation. DUMB, DUMB,DUMB, where are our Reps and Senator to Austin on this? lets hear from them on this serious issue.

If I lived in that rat-hole called El Paso, I would welcome a law that allowed honest citizens to be armed.

Let all responsible gun owners get qualified and background checked, so there will be more protection available against the criminals here. The thugs need to be very worried they will run into responsible people with guns.

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