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UTEP Students Killed in Juarez Laid to Rest


POSTED: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 6:48pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 11:31pm

EL PASO, TX - The violence in Juarez is to blame for the death of a current and former UTEP student. Today, those men were laid to rest in Juarez, with family and friends saying their final goodbyes.

The bodies of Alejandro Ruiz and his friend Jorge Gonzalez Quintero were together for the last time. Friends, relatives and members of the Scouts Association showed up to a Juarez church this afternoon to say goodbye. We're told the two men were returning from a scout meeting in Chihuahua City when they were attacked and killed on Sunday.

"They were good persons, and very good friends and I feel really bad for these things that happened," Luis Torres said.

Friends say they think the shooters got confused and killed the wrong people in the attack.

Family members at the funeral didn't want to talk, but earlier we spoke with the brother of Ruiz who said his family is afraid to live in Juarez, but since their parents don't have paperwork for the U.S. they can't move here.

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The matter is simple. DON'T GO TO MEHEKO.

These shooters "cowards" did not make a mistake. These demons are just taking lifes because they feel like it. Enough is enough. How much further is president Obama going to let this go on. More and more people are dying throughout Mexico than in war. When will the USA step in and help our neighbors. I don't believe that these killers are all from Mexico. God Bless the People in Mexico.

Did you not read the article...they were mistaken by someone else!!!!!!! Did it ever occur to you that maybe he is living in Mexico because his parents don't have the necessary paperwork to be in the U.S.(again in the article)If you know the pain of losing a child, shame on you for saying what you said....How about YOU think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its hard for me to understand why these two guys got killed, just for the pleasure of killing???? Its got to be something else that cause the carnage. I know what you are saying but, think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing, if one of them was an American citizen, why did he live in Juarez??? Any one with common sense would know better than put himself in arms way. I am very sorry for the family. I lost a child and it broke my heart (he was only 4 month old).

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