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UTEP Students Excited About Trip To NCAA Tournament


POSTED: Monday, March 12, 2012 - 7:49pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 12:38am

A lot of students and university staff are excited about whats ahead for the UTEP women's basketball team. The team will make their second trip ever to the NCAA tournament.

"It's exciting because I think they have an opportunity to do something big," said student Alex Orona.

"UTEP is very deserving of this honor,” said alumni Delia Camacho. “They've worked hard for it."

Students and alumni are cheering on the women's basketball team and hoping they go all the way in the NCAA tournament.

"Depending on where they play, we might have to make a road trip," said Camacho.

"I'll get some friends and we'll hop up there and somehow find a way to support them,” said Orona. “We need to support them.”

Several people came to the bookstore to pick up some fresh orange and blue gear..

"We got a lot of calls this morning,” said bookstore Manager Fernando Padula. “There is a lot of people calling inquiring if the shirts are in and things like that."

The bookstore staff is clearing shelf space for some special merchandise.

"On Tuesday, we'll have the Conference USA champions t-shirts and on Wednesday, we'll have the road to the final four t-shirts," said Padula.

And even though it's spring break, the school wants every student to support the team.

"We understand some of them are out of town, but we know a lot of students spend their time studying at the library so hopefully, they will stop by and get their t-shirts and support the team," said Padula.

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Yes, Dan, she looks good in that hat!! Channel 9, you picked the perfect person to report on our UTEP girls basketball team. With all that enthusiasm, you can't help but to get into the UTEP spirit. Like Cathy said, UTEP needs all of our support. Let's take a road trip and back our girls!

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