UTEP Students Complain About Professors' Accents

POSTED: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 8:38am

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 10:16am

Some UTEP students are complaining about professors with thick foreign accents. They say it's hard for them to learn. These students say things would be different if the issue was with one or two professors, but they say most of their professors are hard to understand.

You've probably heard people say, "Give it the old college try". Well, the students say no matter how hard they try, they just can't understand their professors. "It's affecting my learning because 'cause now I have to go back and double study and just do everything again," complained UTEP student Janet Ortiz. "I have to teach myself all over again."

"Some of things on the test are just things that the professor says," said UTEP student Devy Caraballo. "And if you don't understand what they're saying, how are you supposed to study?"

The University says this has been a common complaint in universities since the history of universities began. They say they're surprised that these students took their problem straight to the media. "First of all, they really should talk to their departmental chairman because they're the persons that supervise the faculty members," said Student Affairs Vice President Richard Padilla.

Vesna Karaman teaches biology. Ortiz and Caraballo are in her class. NewsChannel 9 asked Karaman if she thinks this complaint is fair. "Maybe, I know sometimes it is difficult to understand us as foreigners," said Karaman. "But also sometimes students find excuses for their bad grades. If it's a majority complaining, then I would be concerned."

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I am a UTEP nursing student, i had research and statistics class, the teacher was horrible to understand. She did not understand the students when we asked her a question and neither would we understand her. She also is very rude. This semester, many people failed her class, others said they got lucky to have passed with a C. Some had taken a similar course before so it was not so bad. Now, she failed many people and others decided to drop before they failed, since we can only fail two courses

I have Vesna Karaman this semester and she is a really good professor for our tests she gives us the reviews and whatever is there is on the test. She explains class good enopugh to understand the topic with her accent which is not as bad as they interpret, I have this 2 girls in my class and they never show up and if they do they get out early. So maybe thats why they are complaining because they dont understand the class or the instructor.

KTSM should have a two day special. The second day headline should be:

"UTEP PROFESSORS complain about STUDENTS' Accents"

I've ran into a couple of internationals in several of my classes at UTEP.( I am a senior) It does require more attention, but that is why we are there . . . to pay close attention and learn. having said that, "lazy" Students need to become better note takers, seek help when needed, and READ!!!!

I'm a college student and I've had many international professors. Although it may be difficult to understand there is no excuse to poor grades. There is tutoring, the teacher's aid, the learning center, and READING THE BOOK! If you don't understand going to the Professor with questions might also help. So the teacher's accent should not be blamed for poor performance. It is not high school you actually have to work for your grades.

I had Vesna Karaman as a professor, and she taught me many of the biology foundations needed to understand advanced pathophysiology in my nursing program. I made an A in her class, and because of her class, my nursing school career is much easier. Students from my class who complained about her often got poor grades because they played games, messaged each other, or downloaded music on their laptops instead of listening. I've learned a lot from many other foreign teachers as well.

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