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UTEP Reacts To Passing Of Student Loan Proposition


POSTED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 5:20pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 3:30pm

WEST EL PASO- Voters gave a financial boost to Texas college students. They will continue to benefit from low-interest student loans.

With a lot of federal grants being cut over the past few years, students are looking for ways to get money up front for their education.

The state funded Hinson Hazelwood College Student Loan Program had a good election day when Proposition 3 passed, securing loans for students who desperately need financial aid.

Abraham Matamoros is an under-graduate student at UTEP. He plans to attend medical school, and needs a loan.

"I mean if it is the only way we can pay for school, I'm really happy just to take the loans,” said Matamoras.

UTEP's Craig Westman says the El Paso area has a lot of students from low-income families.

"As federal and state grant programs moneys are used up, students may still have needs, and so what the program allows for the state to allow for providing students with a low interest loan,” said Westman.

According to Westman, Proposition 3 is a sign the people in our community support education.

"It's like the public responded and said we still think education is valuable, and we still want our sons and daughters and ourselves to get a quality education. So, we see this as a smart way to actually help fund your education,” said Westman.

Many students are hesitant to take on debt, but UTEP is grateful the state is able to offer the loans.

"Loans aren't great, we'd rather give them the grant money. You know, put some expectations out there that they have to meet, but at the same time you know it's good to be able to have a state funded program,” said Westman.

Student loans have to be paid back eventually. College graduates have to start doing that as soon as they get their diploma and work that first big job.

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Utep financial aid always give you misleading information.. I think this is done to fulfill registration quotas on the school. They lied to several of my friends saying that the "utep promise grant" was going to cover ALL of their tuition but they only covered 1/3!

I heard that students from mexico get free tuition. Is that true? If so how is that fair to the students that live here and have to pay for everything they get?

As far as i know its pretty much true and whats worse is UTEP gives them jobs

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